Tuesday, January 27, 2009

People do this for money?

In my continuing quest to level Corsair to 37, I've been doing Fields of Valor extensively. I actually haven't partied on Corsair yet. So, I figured I'd go to Pashow Marshlands today for a change of scenery.

Right by the OP are a bunch of leeches and damselflies, so I figured, "I'll kill these!"Little did I know, apparently thread leeches are more highly sought after than Fafnir.

There's literally 10 level 75 people running around killing leeches and only leeches. You would kind of think that at 75 there would be more productive farming than what I did as a 40-50 something Black Mage waaaaaay back in the day.

Like maybe Crawler's Nest with funguars, crawlers, and lizards all having absurdly high drop rates with Treasure Hunter. Or outside Whitegate to NPC bird parts and AH Spider Webs with the added bonus of BS/KS seals.

But apparently not.

Anyway, it made this take forever:I did eventually hit level 27 COR, but it took a lot longer than expected.

So, screw this place I'm going to Qufim or somewhere.

I'm also kind of wondering with the whole Fields of Valor being added should that change etiquette with regards to farming areas?

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  1. The problem is, Thread Leeches = Beastman Blood, which is a hot item on the AH (around 30k or more on AH on average).