Friday, January 9, 2009

Retronauts Episode #62, Live Blogging!

I was wondering what was up with No updates to lots of stuff for ~1 month. Turns out that 2/3rds the staff got canned. Retronauts is still going to continue on though, and they released Episode #62 today (finally)!

So, without further delay, LiveBlogging!
6:45 - What's the song playing? Something from Chrono Cross?

11:30 - Kirby is freaking awesome. <3 the sword dude monster. They are hilariously easy though.

20:30 - Music...vaguely familiarly awesome? Xenogears?

25:00 - PC Engine and Master System...didn't know they existed until a few years ago (I'm only 27 unlike you old folks :P )

31:00 - Mario 2 was awesome. Pretty hard though I recall. Princess was Easy Mode.

33:30 - Arrrggh!!!! Parish why do you taunt me!?! What's this music now? Sooooo familiar yet I'm unsure where it's from.

36:00 - Blasphemous lies, Sharky! Double Dragon 2 was teh suck and overloaded with epic levels of fail. I think my friend had a PC version of it that was pretty good though.

39:00 - Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom looked MF'ing awesome in Nintendo Power. Sadly, I never got to actually play it because my parents weren't made of bullion. (Or were they?) Wasn't there one about Persimmons or something too?

40:45 - Now this is fucking Xenogears music! Hawtnesses!!!

43:00 - I really need to play Snatcher somehow.

49:30 - No idea what this music track is. Don't care for it. Probably the first actual Xenogears music. I should really replay Xenogears. lol

52:00 - Sharkey mastered the 'fu as well.

52:30 - I'll say it: Metal Gear Solid was soooooo goddamned overrated. I bought it because everyone said it was the shit. It turns out, they were right. It was shit. Fugly and Not-fun.

53:00 - Brave Fencer Musashi was a pretty fun game even if it wasn't great. The zombies in the story were the best of the 32 bit era, imho. (Except Resident Evil.)

54:00 - Square had like a golden era where they released a ton of games. Not all good, but nice to see them and most are on my shelf. :P

55:30 - Damn you, Shane! Bushido Blade 2 wasn't as good as the first one, but still OKish.

1:01:00 - Move along, Parish! You already did a StarCraft show!

1:01:10 - Ok!

1:05:00 - This was totally Xenogears Boss Battle music. Boss battles in the gears were complete BS with that Fuel usage crap. It was like having Richard Nixon the President of my freaking PSX. /fume

1:11:30 - Ocarina of Time...I take it back. MGS isn't the most overrated game of all time, OoT is.

1:18:10 - I knew it was fucking Xenogears music! And the game didn't suck. :P

1:19:15 - My ears bleed from Chris's infernal instrument.

1:19:45 - Worst listener letters section ever! "There's two games from 1998 that were quite memorable for me--" was my letter!

1:20:15 - Earthbound. Never played it. Never played Earthbound Zero. Get the guy from preserving games on again, he interviewed the guy who translated it. Mother 3. Never played it. Didn't even bother pirating it.

1:21:00 - Shane, it involves children with psychic powers or something. I have no idea why people like it.

1:22:15 - More Xeno boss battle music! Yay!

Note: Times may be slightly off because Windows Media Player 10 has a weird seek bar gives different times and sometimes the same audio at the same and different spots on it.
And that's it!

I should probably proofread it tomorrow or something.

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