Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trendspotting! And Evilpaul's Next Hot Job!


The New Year's Extravaganza here at the Pie Blog will be my keen observation in spotting all the latest trends in FFXI!

It's kind of my "Top 10" thing that other people were doing. Except there's not 10 of them and they aren't personal accomplishments. So, it's really nothing like a Top 10, actually.

First Trend: No more gil beggars?

What happened to all these people? I used to get spammed with stupid /tells anytime I was in a starting city asking for money because I'm wearing a piece of armor worth more than 10k.

Trend the second: Few random /tells from people asking for help with things.

I used to get "Someguy>> {Fenrir} {Fight} {Please assist.}" all the time. Now I'll rarely get one per month. Sure, I'm not on Summoner or Ninja much, but it's still kind of an odd silence.

Third Trend: No invites while not seeking.

Again, it could have to do with what jobs I'm usually on, but (except as I mentioned in my last post about invites on Scholar yesterday) I haven't been getting any /tells asking me to come party.

Fourth Trend: Tells from gilsellers.

The 14 day trial apparently made the subhuman forms of life that sell gil extra annoying. I'd say I hope those people die in a fire, but I don't classify them as people. They can still go die in a fire though.

Fifth, final Trend: No more running through newbie areas.

I'm not sure if it just me or not, but I find I very rarely run through newbie areas anymore. There's really not much reason to with all the fast travel that's available. So people miss out on getting a Protect/Shell (or Raise if they managed to die somehow).

Evilpaul's Next Hot Job!

I'm thinking about leveling another job to 75. Here's the current state o' Evilpaul:
WAR 37 MNK 75
WHM 38 BLM 75
RDM 38 THF 20
PLD 1 DRK 37
BST 20 BRD 25
RNG 37 SAM 1
NIN 75 DRG 1
SMN 75 BLU 18
COR 24 PUP 75
SCH 75 DNC 37
I'm avoiding jobs that need/use Homam, because the stuff is a pain to get and I have 0 pieces of it. I'm also not too hot on another DD job because I wouldn't be able to merit weapon skills unless SE expands it beyond 20. So, I'm thinking maybe Red Mage or Dancer.

Other than possibly some Relic armor I think I have just about everything gearwise I'd need for Red Mage. Well, except W.legs. I've got all the subjobs leveled already. I'm not sure how much I'd actually use it though. And I'm not a huge fan of the idea of standing around Hasting and Refreshing people for two hours.

Dancer looks pretty hawt. Kind of like Ninja only with buffs and cures instead of debuffs. I think I have most of the gear I'd need for Dancer as well. I don't think I'd get to use it much though. Dancer isn't the most highly thought of job. While I said I don't want to do another DD, it's not strictly a DDing job.


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  1. Dancer is my favorite job at 75. With the right merit and relic pieces, Dancer is fairly good now. Also, you can't beat having a DNC in a merit party. Recently did DDx4, SCH, and DNC. Made 23k/hr, and almost lost a chain due to zealous overkilling.

    Getting it to 75 will be a pain in the ass, though.