Monday, January 26, 2009

Turtle Soup!

Does Adamantoise drop anything? I'm like 0/15 on seeing anything but some useless ores drop.It also hits me waaaaay harder than I was expecting with Terra's Staff (and little else) in the way of damage reduction gear. Seemed to be ~250 a hit compared to 150 on NIN or MNK.

Also, we had some plans made for if we got the HQ Aspi. I'm not sure how well we would have done on it, but I did get the gratuitous e-peen screenshot:Of course nobody tanked since we killed it in 2 minutes, but I didn't die because our Red Mages spammed Cure IV on me. lol

Oh well. At least it dropped nothing in 2 minutes this time instead of 15-25 minutes when I've killed it with only a few people meleeing it. It could have popped faster though. Meh.


  1. Does NQ turtle drop anything?

    Not really, you're looking at like, half its drop pool right there, the good half XD

    Nah, I mean, there is a chance for it to drop the BB item, but really NQ turtle is hardly worth the effort :3 Grats on the claim, GL on HQ!

  2. I notice there's an alliance there. Has Epic started to camp kings regularly? If so, good luck. If there's one thing that will made anyone bitter and cynical fast, it's king camping.

    I tanked Aspid once. It's a great story. I should really write about it one of these days.

  3. They're changing around events and Aspi was in our time frame so we went to see about getting people Eggs (and possibly A.body if the HQ pops). I'm not much of a fan of King camping either. It's extremely boring.