Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is probably going to an angrier more profanity laden post than normal. Forewarned is forearmed. Or some shit like that.

I need to switch rooms or something. The fireplace is in my room, which is great because it's fucking warm here when I get a fire going, but it's bad because my PS2 is like 10 years old and fucking shits itself when it's over 60F in the room. I can just not make a fire and let the heater heat the house, but it sucks in comparison and that pisses everyone else off.

I also fucking hate the cold, so screw that.

It's my dream in life to get a sunburn on my birthday. Which was about 35 days ago and nowhere (word? it's fucking late) near the -4 degrees Fahrenheit that it is tonight outside. I'd go to Ecuador, except they don't speak English there, and my Spanish sucks. So, I'm thinking New Zealand. But weather there is supposed to be non-shitty year round, so I'd have to be out all day to get burned there. (It's ~45-85 year round there.)

I did a Dynamis - Windurst run tonight. And my PS2 overheated three times before I finally gave up waiting and restarting it. The actual run, for what I was there of it, went quite well. We got a bunch of relic armor, including PUP hands for me, and some weapons. We also didn't wipe and I didn't die.

Dorps (misspelled purposely :-P) included:We got a bunch of the BST and NIN hats. The PUP hands are pretty awesome. I still haven't seen any SCH relic drop yet though. We get lots of PUP/BLU/COR that's mostly unwanted and lots of lolPetJob relic (SMN/BST/DRG), but SE seems to have lost all our SCH relics in the mail. Well, not all. Keff said he got the pants on the Bastok run I missed. lol

Also, anyone have some software that can make JPEGs into animated GIFs? Evilbron died, so I had to celebrate:Dead EB makes me happy. :-D

One last pic:I'm not sure what this pic was supposed to be of, but Meilu has the only non-emo SMN macros I've ever seen. They're kind of cool, actually. He's got the direction on the Vanadiel sky chart that the avatars represent in them.

I'm still against /party macros in general unless it's something that the people in the party actually need to know (God made /echo for a reason), but if you're going to /p your SMN magic, BRD buffs, or whatever, at least make them genuinely creative.

And don't put a fucking {call1} in your Provoke macro. I hate that person in Valkurm Dunes who does that everytime I level there.

That's it for this week's installment of drunken, disgruntled Evilpaul's Corner. Please check your local listings for future dates and times.

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