Sunday, February 8, 2009

Argute For You!

Or for me.

It's a pun.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, I picked up my sexy gloves of +1 awesome earlier! :-DThey're reallly nice. I look forward to using them.

Dramatic Re-enactment

I went to go get some random buffer EXP/farm Light Elementals in Sky earlier today. And my PS2 (yet again) overheated. I turned it back on a few minutes later, and saw this:Not surprisingly, the VT elemental managed to kill me before POL dropped me.

Which made my RR fucking worthless.

Seeing the high odds that I end up dead precisely because I get disconnected, you'd think that maybe SE would make RR still work? But that would make too much sense or something I guess.

Anyway, I did the SP Assault "Extermination" last night.It went pretty well. It's a quite easy one. I'm now ~8/20k for a Yigit Turban.

Leathercraft Mule

I also started on my much neglected Leathercrafting mule. My main char had higher skill capped at 60, so I used up all the Tiger and Bugard leathers I had accumulated to magically transform wasted storage space into gil if nothing else.And I got from 58->61 which isn't bad.

Random LULz

Here's a random screenshot I thought was pretty funny.You could say I took that out of context. Indeed I did. But, I challenge you to put it in context. lol

Moar Sea!

We did more Sea farming last night.Jailer of Temperance was the first thing we popped. I went as Monk this time, and it didn't go into Blunt mode even once until ~3% HP.So, I got the totally rad kill shot. I probably did more damage to the last one as BLM with DoT spells.

We did another Ix'DRK as well. It popped reasonably quickly. We killed the two helpers and mostly straight tanked it. And the cape dropped! It was mine if I wanted it, but I passed on it. I forgot to get pics of it though, so meh.

Our last target of the night was Ix'MNK. The ??? moved on us, so it took two trips to get to it.

And I got my second totally rad kill shot of the night!And that's about it!