Saturday, February 14, 2009

Corsair 37! Ouryu Comethed! And other fun stuff!

I've been leveling my COR to 37 for a sub. I'm not sure what I would sub COR to, but it's done finally!I've also got an evil lot of "tabs" which will be handy for OP warp in Beastmen controlled areas.That's probably the most useful aspect of Fields of Valor.

Ouryu Cometh!

We did another triple set of Ouryu BCNMs.I think it went well.

It actually wasn't bad. The first one got a little chaotic towards the end of the fight though.The second two took a lot less time and went much smoother. From almost 50 minutes down to a little under 30.

Now we've got three more orbs to fight Bahumat V2 and hopefully get better drops this time. I should probably decide if I want to lot a Bahumat's Staff or not.

Something that surprised me a bit, was how much resists were a non-issue. Last time I went as Scholar and didn't have as much Elemental Magic/INT gear as I could have so resists were pretty high. This time they were maybe 20% or less of the time and most of those were for 1/2 damage. I was BLM this time, so the ~30 higher skill to start with helped. I also didn't really hold back at all and had a decent amount of Enmity- gear (Errant body, Tamas Ring, etc) in my nuking set so I still did good damage. Of course when Amey got petrified Ouryu killed me first, so there were some minor drawbacks.

The More Things Change...

Something I've noticed lately (it's the random observation part of the blog post time) is that people aren't yet used to how several recently changed things work.

You still see "Does XXXX need a raise?" about a dead guy. Despite it being impossible to "BobWHM's Raise has no effect." anymore because the target had RR or Tractor on him. Something I'm unsure of, is does Raise overwrite Tractor now? Spamming Tractor on dead people is a somewhat popular griefing tactic afterall.

Another thing is some mob using Dispelga and then "Check RR!" despite Dispel no longer removing RR. Which when you're paying 50k for a RR2 pin is kind of fucking obnoxious. Funny when it happens to someone else though.

Misc. /tells!

I was AFK overnight and into the afternoon a few days ago. When I got two /tells from different people who I don't know directly really well (friend of a friend soft of thing mostly) on completely unrelated subjects. I generally check the log and will return /tells when I get back and whatnot.

I missed the first person who was no longer online and probably had his two hour back from time passing, and later chatted with the second on PHY damage-% builds vs. Def+VIT. (It turns out I should really get an Arhat's hat +1 for getting stomped by hard-hitting mobs, but stick with Genbu's for weaker ones).

The only related link between the two people sending me /tells (with one about damage reduction gear) was they're both Defending Ring owners!If I was the love child of Alanis Morrisette and George W. Bush I would say that's "ironical" or something.

I also got more of the usual RMT /tells. It's too bad they're all bots and wouldn't know what "DIAF" means anyway.
Needs More Merit Parties...

My "drought" of meriting has continued. The Astral Candescence was gone for a while which didn't help. I've soloed two on BLM, but that's sloooooow. Not too bad if you're listening to a podcast or two though. I'd really rather punch shit in the face as Monk though. It's 4-5x faster EXP and equally boring. But I get to do it with other people and don't spend half the time /healing.

I'm thinking it'll probably make me a decent amount of money in doing so as well. Each merit with Sanction nets me 1 Imperial Gold piece which is worth ~10k gil. My mercenary rank is high enough that Sanction actually lasts a while now too. And I would really like to save up for two Acc+7 rings.

That's it for today! Happy adventuring!

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