Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dynamis Windurst (Or: Running Away in Cowardly Terror, With Dignity)

It's important to have fun in life. And, for those who haven't tried it, I highly recommend shrieking like a little girl and running away from trouble as fast as your legs will carry you. It's truly exhilirating. And funny when you come back later knowing people know you did it. lolz.I didn't actually log out the second time but it was funny because of what was being said on Vent at the time.

I went as PUP/NIN and mostly used the Mage Automaton. It worked pretty well, but I switched to the melee frame towards the end of the run. The long casting times don't mesh well with mobs that typically don't live very long. I'd have used the RNG model, but it's skill is only 219/269...which is kind of bad. I'm hoping we'll do some ZNMs and I can get a Coiler and Steam Jacket attachment as those are almost the only ones I'm still missing.


  1. Am I the only PUP who dinged 75 with nearly capped ranged skill? Same with Magic?

    I don't know how everyone seems to have capped Melee skill, mine is 225/269 >,<

  2. PUSSY!!!
    No faith at all...

  3. I haven't had a party on PUP since like level 63 or something, which is why it's so far behind. I'm hoping to bring it to Limbus or meritpo or something to get it caught up.