Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm obviously not very good at math...

I've been replaying Chrono Cross the past two days. It proved to me that I'm much worse at math than a Sony Playstation.

I had an 87% chance of landing a blow on a monster.

I missed.

I had another 87% chance of landing a blow on a monster.

I missed.

I had a third 87% chance of landing a blow on a monster.

I motherfucking watched the sea cough up its dead and then motherfucking missed. Again. A third fucking time. In a row.

Did I mention this happened a dozen times prior?

I'd like to know what in the flying fuck kind of arithematic they use in Chrono Cross. According to retarded math 101, the proability of getting an 87% accurate attack is 87%. That is to say a 13% chance you'll miss it. You can multiply those probabilities together to see the chance of a consequtive miss.

So with an 87% accurate attack you have a 0.0021% of missing three times in a row.

Now, call me Mister Critical, but I think there's a fucking issue if that occurs all the fucking time.

Now, I'm overall enjoying Chrono Cross, but could they have provided a fucking remotely close to reality fucking hit rate if they are going to provide a hit rate? It's off by over 20%. Which when you fucking multiply it out to your actual odds makes it off by an astronomical fucking amount. I played Final Fantasy Tactics. They provided a hit rate on each individual attack. It was accurate. Even on the nonsensical fucking bosses. Is it too much to ask for Chrono Cross to do the same? Apparently, yes, it fucking is.

If not, ask me the lottery numbers for the next three months. It's unlikely I would guess them incorrectly.

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