Thursday, February 12, 2009

Specious. And podcasts! (Shockingly, FFXI related!)

Lively evening on the FFXI forums. Sonomaa, the proprietor of sorts of the BG forums, was on the Limit Break Radio podcast recently along with other FFXI celebs like Elmerthepointy of JP Button.

One thing leads to another, as is often the case on forums, and a flame war ensues. You can read the BG thread I linked above to see where it went, but the general jist of it seems to be that Aurik, a mod on BG, believes that FFXI is dead without a bunch of the people who were banned. Or at least endgame. He trails off into telling me to finish Genkai 5 or something too often for me to be sure of his exact point.

As I've said before, I am a little conflicted on the Salvage duping ban. Some people I'm sad to see go. Others, like a certain guy on Panndemonium server (however it's spelled) with 6 or 7 relics who was a douche bag to me on message boards when I didn't even know him, I laugh heartily at. It was a situation were you brought it on yourself 90+% of the time though unless the "I didn't know, I was just tagging along with my friends" people are to be believed. Which does seem plausible to me, so who knows?

In any case, you can go read the BG thread and the ever evolving related ones in the Advanced forum to see who you agree with. Me, Aurik, Ringthree, Ashira, or whoever. Any comments are welcome as long as they aren't spam or racist nazi shit here on The Pie Blog.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share the list of FFXI and gaming related podcasts that I've been listening to:

FFXI exclusive ones:

RoclTalk - Kind of dead as far as I can tell. Check on BG forums to see if Rocl revives it.

LimitBreak Radio - Entertaining shows. They have several podcasts and they do a real radio style to them with "Breaking News" and such. The main host actually has a real radio voice. Like a deep and confident sort of sound.

Petfood Alpha - Another bunch of entertaining FFXI podcasts. They have several shows there with different hosts. I find them slightly geekier than LBR and more true to my heart.

As for more general gaming/RPG podcasts....


Hardcore Gaming 101 - The guys at Hardcore Gaming 101 have articles on practically every 16 bit and earlier RPG series that you can think of. Plus lots of other action/adventure games from the same era. Their podcast is entertaining and they are from not too far away from me in the Philly area.

Retronauts - Is the podcast by hosted by Jeremy Parish. It's very awesome and one of two or three podcasts that I've actually gone back and listened to nearly the entire archive. They have covered a good bit of Squaresoft related titles. Mana, Chrono, FF, etc.

RPGCast - RPGcast is the podcast about current RPGs and what the hosts are currently playing. There's been a good bit of forum debate about whether they should discuss MMOs or not, so if you enjoy the show I'd avoid the forums about it.

RPGBacktrack - The retro podcast. They haven't updated it in a while, but it was good while it lasted. They started with Super Mario RPG.

General Gaming:

Giant Bombcast - Entertaining show! They usually get some sort of strange energy or alcoholic drinks at the start to talk about. And then go over general gaming stuff.

Drunken Gamers Radio - They have something of a zombie fetish. They also drink alcohol at the start of the show and then talk about games. Very entertaining.

Eat. Sleep. Game. - The 1up FM people almost immediately had their own website and a new podcast after being shitcanned by Ziff-Davis. It's also very entertaining.

Everyday - A newer site and group of people trying to get into gaming journalism. They also have a retro podcast that I found pretty entertaining. (It was the first episode.) If you're in your mid to late 20s, then you can probably relate to the people on the podcast.

Player One Podcast - This podcast is run by actual games journalists who aren't employed or something. And they have a former employee on it as well frequently. I really enjoy it.

That's about it for podcasts I can recommend to you. Feel free to post ones you listen to in the comments or tell me to go fuck myself for disagreeing with Ashira on something. It's all in good fun on the Internet.


  1. I dont' like Aurik.
    I'm in the middle of reading that thread. My experience with people like Aurik is that they say A is wrong. But when someone questions why asks for proof, people like Aurik shrug off that request. Then, proceed to call that person a troll/flame.

    I know. its happened to me. Its why I don't like BG/KI threads very often.

  2. There's always a lot of alpha male nerd rage going on at BlueGartr, and as a result a lot of delusion of grandeur goes about.

    The game won't die if those 1,000 or so endgame players don't exist anymore, but the game isn't better off with them being gone. It's shades of gray, rather than it is black and white.