Monday, February 9, 2009

Verizon FiOS Woes...

Anyone have this and run into problems? I've got two friends who recently moved back into the area. Their PC was dead. Hit the power switch, nothing happens. A pretty obvious power supply issue. Replaced that and it was good to go.

Or so I thought.

It turns out now that they can't get an IP from the router. It's the Actiontec MI424-WR that Verizon gives everyone. I've replaced the network card with a second one. I've tried replacing the ethernet cable hooking it to the router. I talked to Verizon and they were supposed to send someone to replace the router two days ago. I'm not 100% certain that they did, but my friends still have no Internet. (I'll need to check on that...)

My buddy is running Windows XP Home. He's getting the 169.254 automatic IP address. ipconfig /release and /renew can't get a new one from the router.

So, anyone have any ideas what's wrong with the damn thing?

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  1. Ewwww... the dreaded 169 IP address, time to give Verizon a buzz see if they can't release it.