Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where's my update, SE?

It's been how many months and we don't even have any update teasers yet?

Does SE know that I haven't done the new Wings of the Goddess missions because they made the Bastok branch ridiculously difficult compared to the Sandy/Windy ones and decided to delay until I get around to it? I'm a little bored with FFXI at the moment and a lack of updates is really not helping that.

New SMN avatars, where?

Fixed WHM Automaton AI (for the 5 people who care), where?

New...anything for Monk? Maybe make Footwork not LOL in all situations, where?

JA for NIN that temporarily sheds Enmity (to be used soley for MPKing mages I don't like /point EB), where?

Anything? Come on, SE! There's "FFXI is dying" talk and I don't think it's all completely retarded for a change.

Final Fantasy 8...still sucks.

In non-FFXI news, I ripped an ISO of FF8 Disc 1 and decided to give it another shot. I wanted to do the "Leave Squall dead so your party is much higher level than the enemies trick."

That much works, but the game is still pretty terrible.

The Draw magic crap takes FOREVER.

The random battles are SLOW. The ATB gauge stops every time an enemy does something. Which they do frequently and at an irregular pace.

The story hasn't become batshit crazy yet, but it's fucking boring. The characters (read: Squall) are unlikeable and/or fucking boring.

I didn't remember how bad the whole pre-rendered backdrop thing was until replaying this either. You can't really tell where you can walk onto the next screen at or where you can walk. Also the controller I'm using doesn't have an analog stick, so it's got that weird isometric "pushing right makes you walk away from the camera kind of to the right, sometimes" thing going for it too.

I've been wanting to go back and play all my old PSX RPGs again having replayed FF6 not too long ago. I haven't played them in ~10 years, so I figured I'll revisit them. But I think I'm going to have to give FF8 a pass. It's remarkably unenjoyable. More so than I remembered it. I did play it a lot way back when as I have a PSX memory card with a maxxed out 99:59 save file on it. Looking back, I have no idea why.

I would like to play FF7 and 9 again though. I liked both when I played them. I'd like to see how they hold up now. Next though, I'm going to try Chrono Cross again. If nothing else it has pretty awesome music.

Squall, R.I.P.


  1. The pic of Squall made me LOL. The game is pretty damn terrible, and storyline lacks luster until towards the end.

    I would have to agree with the death of FFxi updates. Seriously, Where the hell are the new missions? The expansion is great for exp, but the story is meh and taking forever for additions. Sigh.

  2. If people don't want to believe FFXI is dead, then they have to be screaming at the top of their lungs for update information.

    Usually, the March update is the second Monday in March.

    Usually, there's about a month of what would be considered otherwise-useless hype...

    Except for the fact we have now finished the third week in February. The update would supposed to be taking place two weeks from Monday.

    And probably not only with the two new summons, but with some job adjustments and the first mini-expansion.

  3. Version Update Notice (02/27/2009)

    It is our pleasure to announce that the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update has been scheduled for early April. Development is currently in progress for a whole host of items, including the following:
    - Thrilling new episodes of nation quests for Wings of the Goddess.
    - Battle-related adjustments and additions.
    - Large-scale expansion of the Moblin Maze Mongers and Fields of Valor systems.

    Details will appear right here on Topics as they become available, so stay tuned!