Sunday, March 8, 2009

...And Now For Something Completely Different.

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you come in.
I had an idea earlier but it seems to have run off and I don't know where it could be?POW!Oh, there it is! My ideas need to learn to hide better.

I was thinking earlier about leveling a new job. Unless the awesome Version Update teaser for tomorrow is expanded merit point categories, I'm capped out in Combat/Magic. So the lack of weapon/magic skill merits will limit the potential usefulness a little, but I'm otherwise bored, so why not do one anyway?

But which one?I just can't decide.

I've been considering Dancer for a while. It's quite interesting a job. DD/healer/support all rolled into one. It gets a large amount of poo dropped on it from high altitude as far as most endgame goes, but I have other jobs for that. As far as gear goes I'd only really need to get a Raparree Harness and possibly an Azoth I think. Maybe a Joyeuse (that'll be fun). The relic armor isn't in high demand so I could probably trash lot pieces now were I so inclined.

Ranger looks kind of awesome. I can't think of anything I actually do where magic doesn't work and Monk can't melee, but where I in such a situation Ranger would be pretty nice. I'm not sure why, but I've always been partial to X-bow and Marksmanship, so I'd probably need to camp an O.bow. I don't have W.hands, but maybe Seiryu's Kote would be an acceptable replacement? People say Ranger is crazy expensive, but it doesn't look too bad to me. I guess if you only use Silver Bullets or something?

Brick wall. Err, I mean, Paladin. As far as actual usefulness, Paladin wouldn't be terribly so for me. I think I mostly am thinking about it for PLD/RDM soloing things. And Parrying skill ups. Gearwise I'd need some Homam stuff and relic armor. I'm not sure if I would hate Limbus more or less if I actually wanted something from it. Hating it more would be kind of difficult, actually. I think I'll go with I'd hate it the same or more. I hated Limbus when I needed a BLM item from Apollyon for two years and still hate it now having gotten it finally a few months back. I'm not sure how much a lack of Shield skill merits would hurt me though.

Singing guy in a funny hat, a.k.a. Bard...dunno about this one. I don't own any String/Singing skill+ gear for obvious reasons (my BRD is 25) and couldn't merit them. I could actually get a merit party invite as Bard although I'm not sure I'd want to merit as Bard. Unlike Monk, they actually do a bit of work in merits.

Leveling SJs...kind of self-explanitory. I could use /THF, /SAM, and /DRG to 37. Maybe /BRD too for Raptor Mazurka.

So which bush is my next job/thing to do hiding behind?


  1. ....subjobs....... make your mains more versitole.... you can always take a past sub and get 75 ~BAM

    ....yes I am drinking a ScrewDriver.....

  2. I agree with Jess, leveling the SJs first will be most beneficial in the long run.

    As far as merits are concerned, you are pretty pimped out imo so you are pretty much done there. I wished I could say the same for myself. XD

  3. 2 birds, 1 stone. Level a job to 75 that you need AS a subjob.

  4. I never got a R. Harness for DNC. I was much more concerned about accuracy over haste, at least when leveling it. And I Gumped into an Etoile Casaque almost immediately after it was added to Dynamis.

    Honestly, the stat which will kill you on DNC, once you analyze it enough, is the low attack stat. That's why it gets such a bad rap at endgame events: You'll be doing, at most, 20 per hit if you're lucky. Even if you get BRD songs and/or DRK roll, you're only looking at average damage at that point. Eating meat puts my attack at a little less than pre-food WAR levels, to give you an idea of how low DNC's attack stat is.

    And PLD is, well, PLD. Maybe I'm just jaded for playing it for five years. I've watched the job go from being thrown to the wayside to become de facto bandwagon job. It's ridiculous in time, energy, and gil to gear properly, and at the end of the day, everyone has it leveled already anyway.

    I'd say go for RNG. Not only is BRD is boring, but it's also easy. Plus, RNG has some of the coolest AF around.