Monday, March 23, 2009

And this was supposed to be an angry rant...

I'm not a fan of camping NMs. It used to be a way to make millions of gil three or four years ago, but now everything is Rare/Ex mostly and never drops (for me anyway).

I did the whole Jeuno Gil HNM thing for about a month and a half and was able to afford all my HQ staves and some stuff like Mahatma Slops from it, but even if the stuff was still sellable I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It has some soul draining quality to it that I can't quite put into words. It's like if you put hours into a videogame you'll really have nothing to show for it. We all know (mostly I hope) and accept this. If you camp NMs you'll put hours into a video game and quite possibly have nothing to show for it in the freaking game. It's a risk to reward issue, I think.

Anyway, I posted a while back about my next job. I've thought about it a bit. The poll I put up seems to be either Dancer or Ranger. Or do some subjobs. But due to somebody mentioning it in LS chat I decided to go camp an Othinus' Bow (Odin in some crazy language according to the Wiki) again.

Short version:I got one!

Long version:I spent two hours killing Goblin Mercenary placeholders and trying to avoid aggroing other mobs (and having to depop or be a dick and kill the BST gobs that the BLMs there were soloing) and some jackass shows up and grabs the NM as soon as it finally decides to pop.

It hadn't been a boring two hours.A bunch of pet job people (one from my LS) all teamed up to kill Amikiri. There were BSTs running by with Familiar'd Antares (VT scorpions) and they took every EP crab that was there. They also had some SMNs as well. No idea what dropped, but it looked pretty epic a battle.

I have no idea if a Bow dropped for the guy who killed Wyvernpoacher. I didn't talk to him. At all. That whole "If you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself" or whatever mother's teach about shit-talking kicked in.

I did hope he lost his genitals in a fire in LS chat though.

I am evil, afterall.

And it seemed pretty apparent that the NIN and RDM duo had come for Ungur. You'd think being a NIN75 I'd have a hard-on for an Uberang, but I really don't. But seeing a relatively 'lol' NM nearly drop them made me curious, so I had to go watch.

Ungur PH pull attempt No. #1:The NIN aggro'd three skeletons and got buttraped by the Hurricane Wyvern and Tough skellies on the way back.

Round #2:After getting smacked shitless by two more skeletons waiting on the PH repop, the NIN Mijin Gakures on a random mob.

Comes back as NIN/DNC. Which is much nicer than /WAR mostly for low manning stuff. Surely, if Ungur pops now he's doomed.

Round #3:I'm guessing the NIN/DNC either has no macros at all, or is pretty bad at dual-boxing. On the PH hate was all over and the RDM is being eaten in that pic as the NIN wasn't using Steps and Animated Flourish.

After that they didn't seem to know how the PH work for Ungur and it repopped at the other spot and they never killed it. They went back to Wyvernpoacher and finally left after a while.

I killed PH for Wyvernpoacher for a while, and it finally popped again. I used my Scholar's Graviga trickery and claimed the NM and everything in the area.I run up the tunnel and the other mobs lose hate and depop. I Bio 2 the NM and start Bind+DoTing it.

That was the plan anyway. The BST Gob and it's leech pet didn't deaggro. Which I'm sure annoyed the JP BLM soloing there. I Protect 3'd and Cured him a few times though before, so he probably knew I wasn't just an ass who screws with solo BLMs.

I then spent a ridiculous amount of time waiting for the NM to move so I could pull it as more people entered Gustav Tunnel.The plan was to Bind kite and DoT it to death, so I needed a clean or cleanable pull.

I finally got one and killed it entirely with Bio 2 and Parsimony Cryohelix.Which netted me the Crossbow like I showed in the short version of this rather long post.

So, I don't actually want the people who claimed the first X-bow NM to die now. They can kill it all they want. I'm not planning on going back.

I was surprised by how much stronger the NM's melee attacks were than its ranged ones. I've gotten drilled for ~630 as both SCH/RDM and MNK/DNC using Fishkabobs as DEF food with Eagle Eye Shot, but its ranged attacks were otherwise pathetic doing less than 50 damage or so with Phalanx up.

It would still be a heap easier if you can drag a friend or two along as whatever job you have though.

Conundrum Resolved?

So, what I've settled on overall is that gear is far from everything and I can level RNG and DNC and have fun with both. I'd love expanded combat skill merits, but don't need them. And I don't actually need a new job leveled to be able to fill another role, so JSE doesn't really matter much.

And how much more shit could I really need anyway?

So maybe get THF and BLU to 37 this week and work on the other two after I guess.

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  1. Wow, I'm truly impressed. Soloing the NM with SCH? {/clap}