Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Augmented Items?

SE has made their most interesting update announcement yet.

True to form, however, I have no idea how the hell it's supposed to work.

How do we get these new Augments? From the Fields of Valor things possibly?

Are they just going to have relatively mundane stats like HP+15 and STR+3 on craftable stuff? Or will there be additions to endgame level gear?

Getting AGI+5 on my Crow body and STR+3 on my Crow Beret that I've got in storage would be cool. Maybe Attack+5 on my Chainmail Gloves that are in storage.

But if I can't store the stuff anymore, then those "rad" additions aren't going to be taken advantage of unless SE makes inventory space a non-issue.

From the looks of it, the Augments will only work on non-Rare/Ex stuff. Looking through my Mog House, that means I'll at most be able to use it on the following...

Magey stuff...
Elemental Staves
Igqira stuff
Errant stuff
Magic skill +7 torques
Stat+ rings

Melee stuff...
Acc rings
Scorpion Harness
Dusk Gloves
Fuma Sune-ate
Amemet +1

Looking at both of these lists makes me skeptical how useful the Augments will actually be in providing new endgame level equipment.

The new, stupidly expensive stuff for the update new Augmented stuff?!

Many version updates SE makes something ridiculously expensive. If the Gobbie Bag upgrades are obtained in the traditional way, then there will be a bunch of stuff that goes from 10k to 350k for a few months again.

If SE makes some now worthless items desirable via Augments, then we can expect to see some prices spike on those at least for a while. I see a lot of potential here for jobs that have a slot or two that's mostly worthless until endgame levels.

The number of DDs you see running around (or wanting to camp the stupid NMs) in Voyager's Sallet is indicative of this.

Black Mages get crap feet mostly.

Monks get crap feet, legs, and head stuff mostly.

And other jobs are similar.

There's not much until the 70s that's actually job appropriate and boosting. Unless SE totally drops the ball, Augments should change that. If the Augmented gear is all AH craftable stuff as it sounds, then some of simple AH items will be highly desirable suddenly.

I'll probably update this post later, for now back to a retarded JoL fight in-motion.

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