Monday, March 30, 2009

Bonanza, Ahoy!

SE announced another lottery is being held this year last week.

They really improved the prizes a lot this year. Fewer of the lower ranked items look like they'll be useful on mules, but they added a bunch of otherwise unobtainable things like vouchers for those unique BCNMs from various the Fanfests.

Starting from the last place prizes, Rank 5, I'd go for:
Evilpaul: One of the Kings HNM furnishings if they have 10+ Storage. Otherwise unique BCNMs all the way. God those will be crowded when the awards are released. >.>

Mule: Unique BCNM ticket. I could go with friends and leech a cool title for my mule.
For Rank 4...why are Nidhogg's Scales there? Are they a future Gobbiebag upgrade item or something? They did finally have a recipe added for them, but...anyway:
Evilpaul: Empress Hairpin! Or an item worth significantly more gil than an Emperor's Hairpin which I would buy and mule probably.

Mule: A money item.
For Rank 3, getting into some nice stuff here....
Evilpaul: Barbarossa's Zerehs probably. Nice Haste pants for jobs unable to equip Byakko's Haidate.

Seveneyes is also tempting for use on SCH. A lot of SCH spells don't need Macc/Matk, so Conserve MP+7 (or Enmity-) would be the only beneficial stats for them.

Mule: Money item. Which one, I have no idea. Star Sapphires, Yoichi's Sashes, and Imp. Wootz ingots are going to drop in price sooooo much when the prizes are awarded.
Rank 2 prizes are of course pretty awesome. I'd go with...
Evilpaul: Probably either Saber Shoot or Opal Silk for the Ebisu Fishing Rod quest. It's the relic weapon of fishing rods.

From the looks of it, Rank 2 money may only be a few million gil this time. Not the 10mil like last time making Gil less appealing.

I could also go for a Summoner's Horn, but really if I were to hit on such unlikely odds I'd rather get something I really would like instead. :-P

Mule: Gil. As awesome as it would be to have a MNK20/WHM05 mule with a Black Belt or other Rare/Ex gear, I'm not going to level her to use it.
And the grand prizes, Rank 1:
Evilpaul: Defending Ring. It's rare as shit off KB, which I don't fight, and even if I did I'm not a tank really so I'd never be allowed to lot one.

Or, Gil. The blurb says maybe 100mil payouts if there's 10 billion in marble sales. I could buy a Novio and a KC if I really wanted either then. Of course, I'm thinking KC DRK may be getting nerfed this update, and don't want one anyway.

Morrigan or Usukane bodies are appealing, but...100mil or an item I'll never otherwise be able to obtain. I could start Salvage and save gil for Imp. Wootz if I really wanted.

Mule: Gil. Sooooo much gil.
This year, I'll just do randomly generated numbers on my main and mule. No "'2' FTW!!" this time around.

I'm also much more pleased with the clarity of the blurb this time around. It's obvious that they will draw five marbles, one for each rank's prize.

But isn't the announcement a little early? We can't even buy marbles and start waiting for almost two months. And it's about a two month wait after that.


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