Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dynamis - Valkurm!

I did a Dynamis - Valkurm run last night.

It was supposed to be Xarc, but a JP LS jacked it on us. The leader apparently sent a /tell to a JP guy in our LS saying sorry though, so it's all better then I suppose.

We killed the Goobbue NM and then the megaboss. On the way to that NM a bunch of stuff actually dropped for a change.People need to level more jobs or something though as we trash like 2/3rds the relic we get.

Also, 'I'm a witch!' I called DNC cape to fall and the mob after the one we were fighting...It did!

SCH Hat -1 also dropped! I was the only SCH main there, but the NQ hat is junk and +1 junk is still junk so I didn't lot it.

For further proof...I made Epic's SMN Horn -1 drop! Now she has the -1 to a piece we haven't had drop in over two years.

Evilbron lotted the coins, so I assume that means 5 of them will never be given to whoever they're supposed to be.


  1. Argute M.Board +1 is nowhere close to being useless. I challenge you to find a better piece for MND outside of Maat's cap for the job. And the extra +7 elemental skill to with it. Certainly not worthless in my book in the least.

  2. I have plenty of MND+ already for Stoneskin (and Para/Slow to the limited extent I use them as SCH).

    Elemental Magic +7 isn't bad, but I don't have the NQ anyway.

    Add in ~300k worth of mats to get DEF+1, MND+1, HP/MP+2 and I'm not interested in the whitebox version and only minimally interested in the NQ.

  3. Well I would agree with Evilpaul that it's easy to hit SS cap with a 75 mage job but the MND +6 stat on the HQ seems too good to pass up for spell potency.