Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HNMs in the next update possibly? My new secret evil plan! And Dynamis - Jeuno!

New HNMs in the update? I think it's quite possible. I'm not thinking we'll see a new roaming multi-zone pop one like Ixion or Sandworm. I am thinking we'll be fighting a Beastman Confederate tamed Sandworm or Cait Sith controlled Ixion in a BCNM in the upcoming missions though.

Unfortunately, the Bastok missions are retarded so I won't be able to go do them when they come.

My new secrect evil plan!

You may recall my last secret evil plan.

Or not.

It was like a year and a half ago. And my prediction was completely wrong.

So, I devised a new one that I'll describe using only pictures.Muwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Hopefully I don't go 2/2.

Dynamis - Jeuno!

We did a Jeuno run tonight. I went as Scholar. It was a pretty entertaining run. We got a decent number of drops. Several BLM feet and a few MNK hands. Then these dropped:So I'm 5/6 on PUP relic now! :-D

Just missing the Pantin Taj from Xarcabard. Which is pretty crappy, but would be cool to have to complete the set. (Same as SMN relic, except I don't have/want the stinky cape. And I don't really use SMN at all, so I wouldn't actually use the Horn if I got that either. lol)

We tried some sort of new pull at the area where the Mega Boss is towards the end of the run. I think it went well.It was actually my only death for the night. There were sooooo many mobs and statues that wiping was kind of certain when the mobs turned and came after everyone. I cast Graviga and ran over to the other side of the place and died.

With all the mobs popped, the usual THF Perfect Dodge pull didn't work too well when we did that afterwards. I volunteered to do a drop glass+Graviga pull. I'm pretty sure the only reason people were in favor of it was to see me die. lol

But I did it and:I lived! They grabbed the Goblin Golem mega boss and killed it!

I was outside and couldn't tell what was going on for a bit. It turns out there's repops where the MB was killed at which apparently ate everybody. And then danced on Veudr-I-can't-spell-his-name's body.

Nobody actually needed the clear though, so it didn't matter really.


  1. Ya after doing Dynamis for some time, cities became more like a relaxed run when my shell try new new tactics / challenges to put people on the edge. XD

  2. Btw, thanks for your insight into Enlightenment. ^^