Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't like Cait Sith.

I'm playing FF7 again.

And I dislike Cait Sith. He's a spying rat bastard and generally worthless as a party member.

So, I named him Penis. I'm not sure it's healthy to find this this funny.

Ring! Ring!Penis calling!

Aeris has a dirty mouth/mind.I'll almost miss her despite not having her in my party except when the game forced me to.

I say this to all my girlfriends.Yet, they always do. ;_;

This too!I hope this was as good for you as it was for me.

Now, on to a more sober topic.How come this is so universally sad?The cute chick gets skewered. She had cool Limit Breaks and her staff thing had like a billion Materia slots. (I immediately sold all her stuff, does that make me a bad person?)

But like 10 minutes earlier, everyone saw this.Tseng, Aeris's less cute childhood friend, all skewered and half-dead at the entrance of the place. Did he get out when Cait Sith kamikazed to get the Black Materia? Would people have cared if he had boobs or if Sephiroth went all Kill Bill on Elena instead?

Like the number of licks to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop: the world may never know.

Lost in Translation

Hating on FF7 for the "Popeye" field models, bad translation, and whatnot is all the rage on forums nowadays, but other than one or two lines that were a little awkward, I'm not seeing it. Nearly the end of Disc 1, and this is the only thing I've seen that was just bad.I have to say I'm not on the "REMAKE FFVII NOW, SQUARE!!!!!" bandwagon.

It's still pretty decent.

Some of the characters' behaviors don't make much sense. Like why Aeris is so all over Cloud initially? Why the other party members act like they practically know her when they meet? And a few other places where their motivations seem a little odd.

Sephiroth doesn't really make much sense. But I'm not sure he's really supposed to. Like why the fuck can he fly?

Anyway, it's on to Disc 2.

I had Clone CD rip it while I was typing this.


  1. wait until later, most of the bad language is all £!$%^%^*£" for the most of first 2 discs but then all of a sudden they just seem to stop and its "fuck this" or "you bastard" its almost like they just stopped caring lol.


  2. I think Aeris' initial affection towards Cloud was because he acted very similar to Zack (Crisis Core made it evident that they were close).

  3. Argh, forgot to add one more thing:

    Cid Highwind rocks, anyways.