Friday, March 13, 2009

It Begins! (PUP merits)

My first merit into my on-going PUPgrade programme!

My ultimate plan is the following:

Group 1:
(5/5) Magic Skill - 15 points
(5/5) Melee Skill - 15 points

Group 2:
(1/5) Role Reversal - 3 points
(1/5) Ventriloquy - 3 points
(5/5) Optimization - 21 points
(3/5) Fine-tuning - 12 points

The magic skill will let the BLM automaton cast Blizzard IV. I still need a Tranquilizer to boost its Magic Acc, but +10 skill will help with that. Damage can be near AM2 levels with the proper setup.

Melee skill just because all the automaton frames can melee. The RNG one shoots slow, so people advise against meriting it.

Role Reversal & Ventriloquy probably should have been JAs you get pre-75, but whatever. Being able to swap HP/enmity can potentially save my ass or save me gil on repair oils. I'm not 100% sure if I want to go with 5/5 Optimization over Fine-tuning. I generally don't see physical attack accuracy problems though when my automaton's skill is capped on EM or lower. For T+ there's the Target Marker which makes harder mobs pretty easy to hit.

I'm planning on getting Ventriloquy next. After that, I'm open to suggestions on merit order. I generally advocate going for the biggest return on merit points rather than capping one thing entirely before moving on to another. But the returns with PUP merits are all different and require different amounts of points. I'll crunch some numbers tomorrow I guess.


  1. Finish SCH merits first! noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  2. It's 14 merits to cap out SCH entirely and all that does is make Enlightenment's recast 5 minutes instead of 10. D: