Monday, March 30, 2009


SE announced changes to Red Mage and Summoner.

And they are kind of lame.
- Composure
(Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)

Increases accuracy and lengthens recast time. Enhancement effects gained through white and black magic you cast on yourself last longer.

- Notes
Activating Composure will impose a recast time penalty upon all magic, songs, and ninjutsu.
So, Haste, Protect/Shell, Aquaveil, Phalanx, Blaze Spikes, Enspells, and Sneak/Invis will last longer and your magic recasts will be slightly fucked if you activate Composure. Notably Blink, Stoneskin, and Utsusemi which you kind of need to be able to recast frequently for soloing or tanking.

Making regular Red Mages using Composure into crappy melee Red Mages who can actually sort of mostly hit whatever EXP mob they're meleeing. Assuming it adds enough accuracy.

But what will Red Mages do with their new found abilities to not Haste other people in a timely manner and hit their targets with their powerful Blades of Justice?

Use Enblizzard II, now with 50% more spiky ice shit in the animation!
- En- Type Spells
Enfire II (Lv.58) / Enblizzard II (Lv.56) / Enaero II (Lv.54) / Enstone II (Lv.52) / Enthunder II (Lv.50) / Enwater II (Lv.60)

Adds elemental damage to your initial attacks (subsequent blows by characters for whom multiple attacks are possible do not receive this effect). Each successive activation increases elemental damage strength up to a predetermined limit. Reduces the target's resistance against the associated element.

Example) Enfire II: Adds fire damage to your initial attacks and reduces the target's resistance against water.
I think seeing a Red Mage meleeing shit in full Wise gear would be kind of precious though to be honest.

Remember, kids, with lower sword skill you don't need to invest in a Scorpion Harness, the weakest of the craftable DD bodies, to keep up with the other melee dudes!

And this "no subsequent hits" thing means that the Joyeuse or Justice sword you dragged 20 people to some God forsaken crap hole to kill an annoying monster for you is worthless with this awesome update.

And this brings us to our first special segment: What will SE break to have Emergency Maintenance on April 10th to fix next?
Watch SE make Enspell I's no longer work with Joytoy either (accidentally)!

Hey, Mr. Paladin! You like stabbing shit with your Joyeuse and Enblizzard too, right? Bzzt! Sorry, it only works half as well now.

Hey, Mr. Monk! You invited a Scholar to give you Accension Enblizzard for rad 5 attacks in a round of glass shattering sound spam and ice damage awesomeness, right? Bzzt! Sorry it only works on your first fist now! Which is like ~1/3 as well.

Oh, and, Mr. Dancer, sir! Your Sambas got broke on subsequent hits too! Really sorry 'bout that.

You heard it here first, folks!
And this brings us to our next "winner" of the Part II Job Adjustments and Additions sweepstakes, Summoner!
Changes are scheduled for the following Blood Pact abilities:

- The effective range for Blood Pact: Ward area of effect enhancing and healing abilities will be increased and become equivalent to that of white magic spells such as "Protectra."

- Blood Pact: Rage
Meteor Strike / Geocrush / Wind Blade / Grand Fall / Heavenly Strike / Thunderstorm

Both damage and TP-based damage dealt by the above abilities will be increased.
Now when Shiva melees a terrifying level 42 spider from three and a half city blocks away and uses Frost Armor, you'll be able to hit everyone else meleeing said spider with Ice Spikes! Amazing!

Hastega will overwrite Slow now, how actual Haste does, but still apparently not last as long unless you get +30 Summoning Magic skill. So it will be kind of like the actual Haste spell except AoE.

Hastega will behave like...AoE Haste. Who came up with this brilliant idea?

But, if your SMN's Resist Slow trait doesn't activate Hastega still won't overwrite Spider Web's slow effect making this picture kind of stupid.
Then there's the whole spiel about making the meritable Blood Pacts useful.

SE has adjusted these things how many times now? "Damage and TP-based damage will be increased" what end?

Is Part III going to be Black Mage updates? Making the merit BPs hate-free, powerful nukes kind of steps on BLMs' toes a little. Why have some Tarutaru BLM who gets eaten and is useless for 5 minutes at at time come nuke something when you could have the same Tarutaru do the same damage and not get eaten as SMN?

The second part about TP based damage is equally stupid. Kind of a large point to using SMN for damage is the target doesn't get any TP from BPs. So you don't want to have an avatar meleeing things except when soloing. The modifier on the merits is a TP bonus, but you can only have 2/5 in four of the six if you want to unlock all of them.

Is this an admission on SE's part that the TP modifier thing was pretty stupid then? Because making less avatar TP more would kind of make it look that way.

And this brings us to our second special segment: What will SE break to have Emergency Maintenance on April 10th for now, Part II?
The merit BPs will actually be really strong and not resist out the ass.

Which SE will determine was a mistake and nerf them to be only slightly stronger than they are now on the 10th.

And they'll change the TP modifier most of the way back making it clear they have no idea what they're doing with Summoner.
Let's hope we get some good update news tomorrow. I can bitch about damn near anything, but I don't think this crappy blurb excited anyone.

The guy who's job it was to translate it probably started drinking Jack Daniels and cutting himself as he was typing it.


  1. "The guy who's job it was to translate it probably started drinking Jack Daniels and cutting himself as he was typing it."

    Thank you, for that! Good laugh after the lolupdate. Super disappointed by the RDM update--I mean, I never expect to get updates for RDM, but this was just sad.

  2. Yeah, I agree with both of your assessments; what a waste of a potential "rdm update". Summoner's hastega should of already had that overide on slow, just a step behind on that one SE. PS. By step I mean 3 years too late. Enjoying your blogging, keep it up Evilpaul.