Monday, March 2, 2009

New Gobbie Bags?!?

SE finally issued a "We're not dead, yet!" FFXI Update Alert last week.

Today, they announced new Gobbie Bag Quests! I note the plural 's' as I think it makes it clear they're doing two quests and expanding to 80 spaces which matches up with Storage, Mog Lockers, and Mog Safes nicely.

I'm not really pressed for space on my main char and I've got plenty of stuff taking it up. I suspect most people who are either have 10 jobs leveled or don't bother completing Artifact sets so that they can be stored. Or just collect every useless Rare/EX thing imaginable.

If SE sticks with their pattern of using four items that are crafted from regular mob drops or harvesting/mining/etc, then I suspect we'll see some of the things listed below in the update:
Glass Sheet
Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot
Scintillant Ingot
elemental ore (...Die, SE.)
Lesser Chigoe
Bottle Pixie (lol?)
Wamoura Cloth
Imperial Silk Cloth
Peiste Leather
Lycopodium Flower
Rafflessia parts
Jacaranda Lumber
There is no HQ4 white/black goldsmithing rock though, so I don't know what they'll use to replace that. Maybe the pearls from Bonecrafting? Requiring an elemental bead (Goldsmithing, from elemental ores) is a possibility that's not unprecedented.

Another possiblity for the final Gobbie Bag upgrades will be that they use HNM drops that have no purpose at all or no real purpose. Things like one of the Ixion drops, Nidhogg Scales, Khaimera body parts, etc. This would be hellishly stupid and impossible for anyone outside of LSes that camp those things regularly to get an 80 space bag in the forseeable future for a less than totally outrageous amount of gil.

An even more annoying possiblity would be to require things like D.ingots, Shining Cloth, and Divine Lumber or some nonsense. All those rather expensive items that only drop from HNMs or rarely from KS30s.

The last two possiblities are either entirely new items added this update, possible, but in my opinion unlikely. Or a new method entirely such as perhaps killing EP-EM Beastmen of each of the three types in WotG areas for key items to get baggie #1 and some T-VT ones in the strongholds to get key items for baggie #2. Though this would obviously be rather unfriendly to mules, it would make the baggie upgrades more accessible if you could have an Alliance kill one regular mob to get everyone's key items.

It would also encourage the whole "group activities"/"shouting for help for hours" thing SE seems to be so fond of.

This would be a relatively easy way to eliminate some of the massive bottleneck and skyrocketing prices that happen everytime SE releases a new Gobbie Bag like quest, but it's also kind of smart so I'm betting it will be requiring a bunch of craftable materials already in-game already.

I bought up some of the items I listed above that aren't very expensive or sought after. Hopefully, I'll guess right on one or two. Then I need to decide if I want to flip them for a ludicrous profit or upgrade my baggie. I'm not at all cramped for space, so I'm thinking the former.

While a bigger bag would certainly be welcome, it's just not very exciting at all to me. Hopefully the next two to four teasers will be a bit more substantive.

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