Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh Noes I'm Getting Banned from BG!!!!11

This made me LOL a bit.

You might remember I posted about the Hades Server drama on BG a while back. Which got locked just because it wasn't going anywhere. Which seems to me to be more than a little biased as Bahumat Server Dark Ixion drama can not only go nowhere, but gets to go nowhere for 16 pages and not get locked.

Four days after that, there's this "gem" of a thread. The link's there, but I wouldn't click it. It's a retarded background check/flamefest about 4 million gil from a Sky LS bank or some shit.

I said as much and see this in my inbox on BG a week later.LOL! It's like DMV of web forums apparently.

Comment on one person's failings as a mod and another mod gives you a "2 point infraction" (whatever that means?) a week later.

I should go post penis pictures or something and see how many weeks it takes for someone to get back to me about that.


  1. Mods on BG are a joke. That's when you get when you select your mods via popularity though.

  2. Amen at the first comment, lol.

  3. One thing you have to understand:

    BG is a nice approximation of the shit-hole that endgame has become over the years. Now it's just a bunch of fucking children who cheat, RMT, hack, bot, and all that stuff to satisfy their e-peen.

    Half these idiots couldn't play FFXI by the rules, because they never learned how.

  4. BlueGartr is really annoying to deal with. I really wish good players would go elsewhere than dealing with the bratty delusions of grandeur that go on there sometimes. It's gotten really bad lately.

    Tekki is, by far, the most obnoxious moderator they have.

    But yeah, I didn't really read the latest Hades drama thread. I'm glad I don't do the HNMing anymore, since it was really headache inducing to deal with, and I don't hate all those people/linkshells anymore.