Sunday, March 15, 2009

Return to Tu'Lia!

For the first time in God knows how long we did some stuff in Sky tonight! For the first time in even longer my presence was requested as Ninja. And for the first time ever, period, it was requested as NIN/DRK!

That which was old is become new again.

Or something like that.

Anyway, from the job combination, as you might imagine, I got to tank some stuff.

Notably, Byakko!I "tanked" it before as Ninja. (Even a little impromtu tanking it as Monk.) The ironic quotes are because I spammed Provoke and ninjutsu enfeebles and it kind of just hit the other tank and ran around eating people.

This time around, with Stun/Sleep/etc Byakko actually paid some attention to me. I'm sure the Trick Attacked weaponskills didn't hurt either. Tenken co-tanked it on PLD/NIN.

Other than one or two of the DDs nobody died on any of the three fights. (I'm not sure whether they pulled hate or just the conal AoE damage raped them.)If player's that were THF main got Byakko's Triple Attack proc rate, I'd be leveling it right now instead of typing this. He likes to go a little crazy with it. Anyway...

Gear Upgrades

If you click the link to my first "tanking" Byakko you'll see I've improved my gear quite a bit. There's still a few obvious improvements to be made to the gear though.

Notably replacing Genbu's Kabuto with Arhat's Jinpachi +1. As I hinted at before (down in "Misc. /tells"), one of Hades server's HNM tank guys was kind enough to crunch the numbers and figured out when Arhat's +1 is better than Genbu's at damage reduction. The answer was against an average ATT rating mob (~600ATT I think) with a DMG~51 weapon. Which is really quite weak. Making Arhat's +1 better more or less anywhere you would really give a damn about damage reduction.

Still, with only 35% physical damage reduction Byakko wasn't hitting very hard.My DEF was about 475 with Fishkabobs. (I'd have used the Pescatora on my mule, but someone forgot to renew her Mog Locker lease and I was in a hurry.)

Proportionately, it wasn't much higher than un-blocked shots on Tenken (who may have been Diaga'd in this picture).Further gear upgrades would include replacing the useless Jaeger Ring on my right ring slot. Mermaid Ring (Enmity +2), Bloodbead Ring (HP+50, if the NM drops it in Nyzul sometime), or Bomb Queen Ring (HP+75, I'd need to get pop items and an LS run setup) would all be helpful.

I'm leaning most towards the Bomb Queen Ring as the enmity lost from taking a Razor Claw bitchslap to the face is related to the percentage of HP lost. HP+75 with no real downsides, except fire vulnerability, would be really nice.

Add in Pescatora and Arhat's +1 and I'd be sitting at ~1350HP with 41% damage reduction.

The Eris' Earrings could also become Eris' Earrings +1, of course. But that would run me 1.3mil for Enmity+2. Which is just a little steeply priced for the improvement it gives. The only other (realistic) gear improvement would be a Ritter Gorget. HP+30, Evasion+5, and VIT+5 over the Harmonia's Torque I'm using now.

Those can both wait though. I'd still be missing a magic damage reduction set, so it's not like I'd be an uber NIN/DRK like Richardd or Rukenshin suddenly anyway.

Parrying Skill-ups?

Capping Parrying and/or Guard will be the bane of my existence. I'm pretty sure "You Win!" pops up and the credits roll if you accomplish either.

I did get .3 closer though to capping Parrying tonight. People say "go tank HNMs!" to cap it and they seem to be on to something because even with my wildly underleveled Parrying it proc'd more on one Byakko than it did in a night killing spiders outside town.No screenshot of the actual skill up though, because you know, a tiger was trying to make breakfast with my face.

4 Shadows is 1 more Shadow than 3 Shadows...

I managed to only screw up Ichi recasting twice all night. Which didn't kill me either time, fortunately. It was funny thinking, "I'll hit my 'Oh shit!!!' macro!", and then realizing I'm wearing it all already. lol

I have gotten so used to /NIN tanking that I was only expecting 3 shadows from :Ni as NIN main a few times.

You'd kind of think SE would change that back.

It would fit with their ongoing project to make PLDs (and any SAM subbing NIN) more badass.

It would also throw all the one-handed weapon users a bone since SE made two-handed weapon users so totally badass.

The One In Which the Post is Concluded

That about sums up my night. Fun with tigers and tanking silliness.

Also, a fun fact: three Byakko's only netted me 95% TP with my Terra's Staff.

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