Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SCH Merits, THF Sub, and 500 gil Ordelle Bronzepieces?!?

Scholar Merits!

I got my second Enlightenment merit yesterday.I got my last 7k EXP doing Campaign Battles. Just 15 more merits to cap out Scholar.

I think people need to go read my Campaign Guide or something, because they suck at it pretty badly. There was literally 10 people who all died to the same single trash mob. Monks, Paladins, Red Mages and none of them can tank worth a piss.

But that's alright with me. I get Healing Magic skill ups after battles for raising them.I guess I should do the second part of that guide sometime and outline areas that are bad depending on what job you are.

Like North Gustaberg [S] for instance is insane to solo Campaign at unless you have Silence as all the mobs are BLMs and RDMs and will fuck your day up with nukes pretty quickly.

Some random lulz from LS chat while I was doing campaign there for the last ~400 EXP I needed for my merit.I think you should be creative when calling people "gay" over the Internet. ;-)

Leveling Subs!

I've been leveling my THF to 37 the past two days. From 20 to 24 so far soloing crap in Buburimu Peninsula.I have a minor complaint about Fields of Valor.

I seriously would like to know who in their right mind I'm supposed to imagine putting hot shit like this in a treasure chest?Silver Ore 315 gil.A flower? If I luck out and get a few more I can make some rad linen thread. Fun Fact: Ethers NPC for 616 gil in Tavnazia.I guess this is what I get for complaining about Silver Ore and Ethers? An actual item! Kind of a worthless item. And I'm not sure what a RDM cares if a weapon they have no skill with has added effects or not. Or if the Added effect actually procs frequently.

But whatever.

Having crafts leveled made me a bit of money off Goblin parts.Nothing huge, but it's nice when leveling a job makes you money rather than costs it.

Dynamis - San d'Oria!

We did another Sandy run last night. 8 Montiont Silverpieces dropped. For a total of 1,028 coins. Which is just fucking insane. We also got a bunch of SCH hands, SMN feet, DRG legs, MNK legs, PLD hands, etc.

The drops I "got" were.Which were both dropped as soon as I got them. :-P

I had some fun at the very end.Yay!

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  1. Oh... this is actually the first time I see a Ra/Ex stuff drop from chests. Hmm... interesting.