Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sea and Nyzul Isle!

We ended up doing 2 or 3 Jailer of Prudence fights last night and one Jailer of Love.

Our Jailer of Prudence strategy is one off of BG. THF pops and Flees one of the twins off towards the entrance portal, dies, and it slowly wanders back and depops. A PLD holds the other one with the rest of the group. When it's mouth opens the twin has depopped, we kill it quickly and get neato drops.

Due to some nuance with this strategy that I'm missing, it hasn't worked half the time the past four or so Prudences. Which subsequently turn into bloodbaths.There's frequently a Om'Yovra in the way so we've been killing it. I finally won lot on the organ (after somebody passed).

So I'm going to get organs for a Soil Gorget for Asuran Fists, Stringing Pummel, and possibly Dancing Edge (still undecided on the new job). I've already got a Breeze Gorget should I decide to go RNG.

I also got a Prudence Rod and put it to good use.Be gone from my inventory, demon stick!

Jailer of Love

Then we did JoL.

We popped it just after midnight and it was obvious people weren't on their 'A' games.

The PLDs needed to get some magic damage reduction gear as Tier IV nukes were hitting them for ~850 damage when they should be taking half that with capped or near capped magic damage -50% in addition to whatever MDB they have on (Lamia bow +1, etc).

The DDs were dropping like flies and taking tons of damage.

And I think we only had 4 BLMs there to kill all the pets. (Which is extremely boring.)I don't think it ever ended up being below the ~90% in this picture.

And compared to this picture (again, stolen from BG no idea who made it originally) positioning was completely wrong.(You'll need to click the picture to see it full-sized for it to be clear probably.)


Well, lots of JoL popsets left, so there's plenty of opportunity for improvement.

Scholar Tanking JoL?

Kind of related, but I'll probably never do it...I'd kind of like to try tanking JoL as SCH/RDM. RDM/NIN is an established tank for JoL. The key difference with SCH/RDM is really only lack of Utsusemi and slightly longer casting times (without the use of fast cast Stratagems).

Outside of pet spawns there isn't any real physical damage if things are going properly. Pescatora for HP+150, DEF+65, and less enmity lost from lower a %HP lost to damage as well would put me at ~1200HP. Terra's Staff and Umbra Cape for 25% physical damage reduction during the day, 30% at night, and 30/35% if I macro in Jelly Ring for pet spawns.

Also, while I titled the post "Resists ftw" the combination of 350 capped damage reduction Stoneskin, Phalanx, Shell IV, and MDB from /RDM and the Relic body I can survive an Astral Flow in Dynamis. (If only just barely. :-P) The math works out compared to the damage other people took, so I don't think it was a resist. The only other survivor as I recall was a Hume Monk who had Shell IV or V and much higher HP.

Moving from a "not really trying" kind of thing where my standing setup happens to be pretty good at magic damage reduction to actively mitigating magic damage as sharply as possible there's obviously room for improvement. Scholar also has an advantage in that it was far higher base INT to start with than a PLD does. Probably INT+15 or so, but my base stats link seems to be defunct.

Merman's Rings and Earrings would provide -12% magic damage. Goliard legs another -3%. Scholar doesn't get much else though except things like Einherjar Shadow Abj. stuff. I think -ga3s would be cut down to about 250 damage after Stoneskin.

That's my theory anyway. I should post it on the Newbie section of BG and see if anyone's tried it or if everyone else in the world thinks it retarded.

Nyzul Isle!

I don't like Cerberus anymore. Fucker ate me like three times last night.The other run we got Hydra which dropped a Goliard body for Miliani.

I also finally got the NIN weapon I've been wanting.I'll see about unlocking it tonight while I farm up some sea organs.

500K Club!

I'm continuing to try and max out Jettons.I have no idea why.

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