Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Square to non-PC Players: ,.l..

So the Security Token is coming with a new in-game item, providing up to 80 slots of storage, called a "Mog Satchel." And you can carry it with you. (i.e. it's not Mog House only.)

So for the people who play on PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 we get to spend $10 on something we have no intention to ever use or miss out on a huge expansion to per character storage?

I'm not particularly cramped for space, despite having a bunch of jobs leveled and plenty of Rare/Ex crap, since I maxxed out MH Storage pretty efficiently, but I'd still like to give a nice, hearty "Fuck you, Square!"

I don't mind there being wacky shields that turn you into a Moogle or let you run faster in town, a hat that is a full party Warp 2, a jacket that acts like an instant Airship/Ferry, or a rod that dispenses slightly burned Ex pies to party members that you need to pay extra money to get. But something that's as basic as expanded storage space is pretty fucking lame.

Melee Red Mage updates and Summoner bug fixes masquerading as updates yesterday. Pay SE $10 for extra storage we should have had already today. Maybe $1 micro-transactions for ZNM pop items to replace Zeni tomorrow? Or maybe an official Square-Enix Gil Store? How funny will it be if they charge real money to get more 'Malmage Out of Your Equipment'?

It sure looks like SE blew all their decent update news early this time.

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