Monday, March 9, 2009

Stormsurge almost done! Also, NMs hate me.

I did some meriting earlier.My first actual party in a while. I'd kind of rather do Mamools as I could eat Pizza on them. The birds just aren't too friendly to one handed weapon users in my opinion.

I had 6.2 merits after the party disbanded. I spent some on this:So I only need ~38,000 EXP to cap out Stormsurge! :-D

NMs are teh devil

I decided to go /poke and do random emotes at an LS mate who was soloing Goblin's Leeches in Gustav Tunnel last night. And see about popping this:I was kind of annoyed when I got there because I go to camp a NM that drops Rare/Ex crap and five other people are there. Half of them disappeared though, presumably to camp Ungur. The other two asked me to leave alone the Gob WHMs because they were there for a WHM testimony. I was glad to comply and those two disappeared a few minutes later.

But it popped, I claimed with no competition, and...I predictably didn't get the drop. I'm not sure I want to level Ranger, but getting a free endgame weapon for it would certainly bump me in that direction.

More Version Update Teasers

Here's the link. They apparently are adding ENM-type things to the Wings of the Goddess areas.

I guess I shouldn't have traded in ~800,000 Allied Notes for Cuisses which I NPC'd to get gil for my Cursed Togi? I kid, I use the crap out of my Togi. I'll probably be unable to get people to come do "ANNMs", as people have already dubbed them, anymore than I can ZNMs. :-P

But between Gobbie Bags, more Fields of Valor, and ANNMs I guess the teasers are getting better.

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