Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stormsurge done finally!

I can get a free INT+7 now as Scholar. Or give +7 to other people's other stats.

So, I'm here for some LS event in Sea as BLM.You can see Evilbron standing around being retarded. I'm sure all our tanks will die because she's here on WHM instead of her DRG (which she can't play either).

Back to Scholar merits, I'm thinking I'll just go 5/5 into Enlightenment.

Update: Nothing happened in Sea yet, but there's this:

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  1. You know, I've begun to look past the stupidity of Evilbron, because it doesn't bother me as much not seeing it first hand. Then again, I pity anyone who is in direct contact of her game play. The LS that houses her is the actual fail. So when are you leaving? /grin/