Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take my money, Square! And Deep Thoughts on Rock Salt.

I plunked down for the expansion, finally.I still think paying for downloadables before actually being able to download them though is kind of stupid.

Rock Salt

Has anyone ever been happy to get Rock Salt in FFXI?

Bob gives a triumphant cry!

[Bob] I raised me some plants. I gots me some Rock Salt!!!!

[Steve] No f#@%ing way!!!!

Has that ever happened?

Why is Rock Salt used in Cooking?
It didn't snow much this year, let me go out to the shed and get some rock salt for my fries.
I mean people like to eat some f***ed up stuff, but f***ing rock salt?

Why not name it more appropriately? How about calling it "F#@% YOU rocks"?
[Steve] Hey, Bob, I used Steal on a Robber Crab?

[Bob] Oh, really? What did you get?

[Steve] I got a handful of F#@% YOU rocks.
I like it.


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