Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We always hurt the one we Love.

I killed Jailer of Love earlier!

I've got like an awesome slideshow without the sliding idea for this post. Which means it's a string of pictures and you get to look at them! Totally tubular, right?Oops, dead.Mixing drinks takes time, kids.They call me an optimist.But clearly never accuse me of having psychic powers. (Just being a witch.)I was on pet duty which makes Jailer of Love kind of like a kited Kirin fight. (Long and extremely boring.) It makes the part right after hilarious though.Watch other people kill a monster for most of two hours. Watch another monster kill other people for most of two minutes. Excitement thresholds all have some sort of cosmic balance or something. I think Dennis Leary explained it once.

When all was said and done our long time point leader, Davik, got him self a Novio Earring of nuking hotness. And Fengi got himself a Novia earring hoping to die less or something.

Only one more person is ahead of me for a Novio, so I could have one in the next week or so possibly.

After that, I'll have to do Salvage or something if I want to improve my BLM. lol

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