Saturday, March 28, 2009

Worst Dynamis - Xarcabard EVAR. Also, THF29 & Would you party with this person?

As the title would seem to suggest Dynamis last night sucked hard. Absoulutely no relic dropped off any of the regular mobs or the 15 NMs until with under 10 minutes left this dropped:We were mage heavy, so the mobs were taking a long time to kill as well.

A final pull for the night right after that screenshot resulted in our first full or partial wipe. So, we all got kicked out dead.And Evilbron got killed again, without Reraise up, by a subjob level skeleton while raising people. lol

Also while at one of the last NM towers...Epic's horn didn't drop again. I'd say I jinxed it, but nothing else dropped either. :-p


I stabbed more defenseless and cute animals in Buburimu Peninsula yesterday and today and got to 29 THF!Sadly, when you ding via EXP from completing a Fields of Valor thing there's no animation, so I only have the THF28 one.

Would you party with this person? -- Part CXVIII

Imagine the following sentence in "investigative reporter" Stephen Colbert's voice: "How hard up are people to party at Qufim Island? The answer, is frightening."Yeah. I don't know either. I actually have a few more pictures of those. Anytime I AFK in Jeuno on my mule I get a bunch of invites for God knows what reason.


  1. I don't accept blind invites, period. It's impolite to just send someone an invite without asking first.

    If they decide to ask after I decline the invite, I tell them {No thanks.} and leave them be.

  2. Blind invites are a bitch -- don't accept them. :)

    As far as Dynamis-X goes, nice music, but a mega-bitch to deal with. I guess that's why a coupon for a Dynamis-X relic armor item is a Rank 3 in the new Mog Bonanza.

  3. Yeah, especially when you spend weeks on end farming Xarc only to see maybe 1 pair of Assassins Mitts or Valor Surcoat drop, compared to like 7-8 Duelist's Chapeaus.

  4. I thought blind invites are exclusive to Valkrum. Lol. Well, Dynamis drops really fluctuates, I won't comment much, don't want to jinx my runs. Hehe.

  5. @ Kimiko:
    My linkshell has done a lot of Xarcabards and we have yet to see a single THF piece drop. That alone is most likely holding back a few pieces for our group.