Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Campaign Skill-Up Nerf! Also Kirin and Dynamis-Windy

Campaign skill ups no more? Rubbish, I say!

People have complained that you can't skill up in Campaign anymore. This is true. SE says they're aware how hard it is to keep skill capped with Campaign and Level Sync and really showed it by making it harder still.

So, seeing this:...doesn't make you think "skill up".

But that's ignoring what's behind them. God's gift to skilling up, crabs!Easy Preys at level 75 and not a far walk like the Boyhada Tree.

And skill up I did!I ended up getting to 186 before stopping for the day. I got about 2.6k EXP too.

I'm going to get Marksmanship from 100 up to 175 to pre-level to Slug Shot for Ranger tomorrow probably.


We did some Kirins yesterday night.It was the typical TP Burn setup. Three Bards Soul Voice buffed us and then we beat it down.

This was only different because I did the Bard swapping for my party this time. Things didn't look good for a few moments because Kirin got off a Stonega IV. I had thought it was Astral Flow initially, but realized it flashed by in the log. Then it followed up with a real Astral Flow which killed several people and left everyone else in the red. Had it not been for Shell IV and Chakra I would have eaten dirt too.

Drops were a Neptunal Abj.: Body and a Shining Cloth. I thought I had a funny picture of LS chatter afterwards, but seem to have lost it. :-(

Dynamis - Windy!

I did another Dynamis - Windy a few days ago. Most of the pictures I have are like these two.I'd swear I died like 12 times. It figures, I ate a marinara pizza.

Drops were meh. I soloed a stone past the AH on one of the pulls where there were a bunch.I don't remember which Scholar piece drops there (does one?), but it didn't drop for us.

I think we're doing Xarcabard tomorrow. Assuming the JP LS that jacked our last three Xarcs doesn't do so again. Should be fun.

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  1. See. I swear, it's something about Marinara Pizza.