Monday, April 13, 2009

Comcast Sucks (Or: Why I Learned to Stop Worrying and Pray for Fiber Optic)

I was pretty sure I had previously used a "Comcast Sucks" tag, and sure enough, yes, I have. I don't know what it was for, can't be bothered to look. But, I would kind of like if the assholes ever announced Firmware upgrades pushed onto my modem or maintenance or whatever the fuck caused me to R0 and be unable to re-obtain an IP on my modem for 3+ fucking hours.

It's not like I was in and preparing to pull the first wave of the Ashu Talif Assault Mission or something. Oh, wait, that's EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING. So, I get to log in later (assuming Comcast doesn't shit the bed again) to find myself dead as BLM with 2.4K EXP missing, two hours of my time wasted, and probably 5 other people pissed off that they lost the Assault and have to repeat it.

It's a pretty cool series of missions too. There's Rare/Ex Haste+3% pants for jobs that don't get many other Haste options in that slot, ranged attack hands (forget the stats) for RNG or COR, extremely expensive PUP Automaton attachments (all the ones I'm still missing basically except Coiler), and items like Yoichi Sash, Star Sapphire, that were only available through it until ANNMs this past week.

So thank you, Comcast. Please everyone anywhere use Verizon or whatever "Ma Bell" progeny is available in your area instead. Comcast sucks cock. I hope they choke on one and die.


  1. PS2 must have taken telepathic commands and shut itself off from overheating almost right after DL wipe. Rage Quit, etc.