Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Expansion Thus Far...

I completed the "Those Who Lurk in Shadows" mission yesterday. I've got to say that the fight was pretty anti-climactic. It was actually harder to get people together for it than it was to win it. Which is kind of surprising seeing as you don't need the expansion to help and get an Ivory Key for potentially cool shit (STR+2 earring with Attack/Ranged Attack+2~4 possibly, MND earring, etc) from the Tenshodo.

The people I went with liked my wacky forum sig that Rowec made for me.It's certainly better than my old MS Paint one I made myself. Much funnier.

Anyway, the fight was a joke.The mobs are DC-EMish beastmen. If you use a melee burn Operation Desert Swarm strategy it's quite easy. We had MNKx2, SAMx2, RDM, WHM. The Monks (me and the other guy) and the Samurais each paired up and slaughtered a mob and then picked one of the two others.

The Goblin teleports around Goblin Rushing people from behind. Somebody on the Wiki made that sound astonishingly powerful, but I get the feeling it was on a Monk with Counterstance up. It was nothing a Cure IV couldn't handle when I did it.

The strategy I would suggest for anyone trying it is to take a similar setup, but different kill order. Pair off and take down the Quadav (WHM) and Goblin (THF) first. The mobs seem to share hate somehow, but I'm not sure exactly how it works. Maybe in a circle of sorts? The Orc came and attacked me when I had hate on the Quadav. The Goblin seems to assist the Yagudo. But anyway, then just kill the first two and then switch off and take down the Yagudo (RDM) and Orc (WAR) afterwards. The WHM and RDM might come /NIN so that they have some protection and melee the mobs too. If possible separate the mobs similar to ODS as they all have annoying AoE TP moves unique to this BCNM.

It's not a hard fight, so I'm sure a lot of strategies would work fine. The last two missions though look to be a pain in the ass.


I've been thinking about what I'd pick as the final reward for finishing the expansion. There's a decent amount of Augments that would make something good for SMN or PUP, but I already have body pieces for both jobs. That leaves BLM&SCH and MNK&NIN.

For BLM I could go with:
Fast Cast +5
Magic Atk. Bonus +4
Magic Acc. +4
Magic Atk. Bonus +4
According to tests people have done, this comes out only slightly behind a Genie Weskit.

For SCH I could do some sort of Light Arts piece (Enmity-5 and Fast Cast+5), but I don't really use SCH to buff/heal very much. So I'd probably go with the second BLM option on SCH too.

Monk could use a Hauby rip-off (Accuracy +10, Attack +10), but I've already got a D.body so it would be little/no improvement.

Ninja could get a pretty nice TP piece from Dual Wield -3%, Accuracy +10. This would be pretty sweet actually. I use the NIN AF body for TP usually, and nearly as much a delay reduction with Acc+10 would be better nearly always. But I very rarely go as NIN to DD, so I'm not sure how much use it would really get.

I'm thinking I'll go with the second BLM option probably. It's a solid nuking piece for BLM and SCH, so I'll get plenty of use from it.

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