Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Final Battle Approaches!

A Quick Dyna-Xarc Recap...

Many people starting up FFXI consider defeating Dynamis Lord to be beating FFXI. I think that's a pretty decent assessment. I've killed him before and my dynamis LS attempted him again on Friday.I think it went well.

Anyway, more ACP stuff...

Temenos - Delkfutt

The second to last mission (oops, spoilers!) has you climb Delkfutt's tower and collect key items that are surrounded by beastmen. No biggie, right? I can slaughter those things three at a time on Monk! Well, it's level capped to 30 making it fucking annoying.A little "Metal Gear Evilpaul" as NIN/BLM and I was at the top.It was pretty easy actually, although it does rely a bit on luck and patience.

After that I cashed in my Colored Key key items in Tenshodo.I also got an Elixir. Totaling about 27K gil worth of crap. Assuming the Elixir sells.

Apparently, LS people did the final BCNM last night without me, so I'll need to find a group to come kill the final boss.

Story Woes

Also, I'm up to the very ending BCNM and this story makes no goddamned sense. Could they somehow tie it all together? Maybe, but I'm really not thinking it's going to happen. Hopefully, the other two expansions will be less retarded. Fetch quests, level caps, and lame stories don't make me excited for them.

UPDATE: I beat the final battle! We went in and CS Stun melee zerged it. It ended up being down to the wire as CS wore off, but we beat it down for the last 1% and won!

My final key from the mission yielded this:I decided to go with the BLM&SCH option for the body piece reward.It'll make a nice body piece for nuking. It's fuck ugly though.

The story itself is kind of bad. It's pretty out of left field and although it does tie together some loose ends, it doesn't really make any sense how it does it. I can't say I'm excited about the next two at all. They're going to basically be selling them soley by dangling a shiny new item from here on out.

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