Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jailer of Love...Ouchies.

We did another JoL tonight. It started out pretty uneventful. I wasn't even in the alliance at first.Then one of the BLMs died, so I got into the ally to kill some Love Children.™ (That's probably way funnier than it should be to me right now...but it's 2AM, so meh.)And we killed 9 sets of Love Children™, and the DDs went to work on downing JoL.

Our PLD/RDM and RDM/NIN kind of took turns dying back and forth a few times, but we got it down to about 50% when a fresh spawn of Love Children™ went all instant Aerial Collision x3 on the tank who was unweakened at the time killing him. Our RDM/NIN was still weakened, so we were in a bit of trouble. OK, all the Black Mages are dead, but the DDs can handle the Love Children.™Hmmm. I guess I underestimated the pure pwnage of the Love Children.™

I find wipes are great times to practice my misogynist humor.It needs a lot of work, obviously.

But we re-grouped and still had about half an hour to kill Jailer of Love, so we tried again.And we started full throttle on it.

About ten minutes in we were halfway.At this point, all the Black Mages, myself included, decided to give JoL the Freeze II treatment and Manafont.Which rather quickly knocked off another 20% or so.

I was waiting for Elemental Seal to cooldown still and watching as its HP continued to drop.But, it wasn't to be. Verm dropped a 1.6K Great Axe weaponskill on it and blew off the last few percent of HP.

And we got full drops!!!So yet another BLM has a shiny new Novio Earring.

The Novia Earring went to Verm who's going to use it for the Evasion+7 and for reducing the enmity from his DoT slightly. I've been trying unsucessfully to convince our LS WHMs that Novia is really pretty awesome, but not many people seem to care much about it. It's not like somebody did extensive Enmity testing and then theorized and put it into practice on Scholar which can easily translate to White Mage. /sigh

Anyway, that's my come from behind victory for the year I think (and hope!).

Fishing Time!

I spent much of my time online today fishing. I posted on BG to see where people would recommend I go. I've been doing North Qufim, but there's only one fish there that I target that gives skill ups (Gigant Squid) and those are few and far between. The resounding answer was to try Nashmau. Which isn't the most convenient place for me to go as I don't know how to get there from the Nyzul Isle staging point.

So I hopped on the Ferry and started catching Mercanbaligi (i.e. Breams) and Ahtapots (i.e. Grimmonites). I very quickly got .6 skill to hit 63, and then spent about two hours to get .6 or .7 more.

Once I hit 78 Fishing, I can get a Fishing Guild key item that allows me to start the Ebisu Fishing Rod quest. It's the best fishing rod in the game as it's unbreakable and depletes a fish's stamina the fastest. If I manage to complete the quest, then I can sell my Lu's back for about 3 million gil which is twice what I paid for it.

My fishing excursion also netted me enough fish to make about 20 stacks of Bream Sushi. Which nobody seems to be buying. I also caught fish for making a few stacks of Fin and Tuna sushis. Which aren't selling much either.

So, I'll probably go back to catching Squid until I clear out my inventory. Or perhaps try and skill up Smithing further? Once all that stuff sells I'll have enough to get an Acc+7 ring. Which will be sweet.

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