Thursday, April 23, 2009

JoL! Proteus Solo! Also, Alexander Returns!

We did another Jailer of Love last night!

This was after going to camp Shikigami Weapon w/o the precise ToD for two hours. The correct answer was 10PM, not 7PM, so we didn't get to fight it. Or watch anyone else fight it.

Moving along...the best part of any JoL fight is probably chatting while doing it. Because unless you're doing it completely wrong it's a pretty boring fight.Around 4% HP our tank got blown up or crush and oscillated or something. So I ran to the brim of JoL's hood and started Stun/Blind/Dispel and ate two nukes before being charmed.Naturally, I died shortly thereafter.But AV popped and killed everyone else who didn't, so muwahahahahahaha!!!!

We got full drops (Torque, both earrings, etc.), so I think I'm next up for a Novio Earring. Which, other than the 12mil Morrigan's Robe, is the biggest upgrade available for my nuking damage. I'm not sure when we'll be killing another one, but there's apparently 3 popsets left.

Proteus Soloing!

I forget why exactly, but I decided to go and try soloing Proteus. Sure enough, it popped. I claimed it as SCH/RDM. And started kiting+DoTing it. The ideal method to kill it is to deaggro it repeatedly up by the Captain's room. But you can't really do that with other people on the ship because a) you might MPK them and get jailed/banned and b) they might steal it or even accidentally claim it and CFH voiding your progress.

Needless to say, I got screwed with super short Gravity/Bind durations (Thanks, for that known issue, SE!) and promptly died. But then, so did the SCH and RDM who claimed and tried to duo it after me.They ended up timing out with about 25% health left at Nashmau.So, I'll have to try again today probably. It's definitely doable if I'm by myself on the boat.

An Interlude...

Again, it's unclear to me why exactly, but I didn't have /shout filtered when I went to help with ToAU 42 and 44. And I saw this:I think it went on for 30+ minutes.

ToAU 42...Ick.

Sleep wasn't working for its normal duration where the Wiki said it worked. And the WHM there didn't seem to Haste me much. So we lost twice and I died like 5 times. No EXP loss though, so other than the aggravation it didn't really matter.

I should also point out, that the Imperial Gears had 100% accuracy on me in Evasion gear as Ninja (297 skill, +30 Evasion, AGI+19, etc). They did miss somebody else once in the logs, but it was an RDM, so it was just the hardcap kicking in.

We won on our third go at it, so it was on to Big Daddy Alex.

ToAU 44...Again.

I finally beat this for myself a few months ago. It's a fairly challenging battle of attrition, so I volunteered myself for it yet again. The BLU went down fairly easily. Formless Strikes counts as magic damage and served in place of having a BLM come along to solo the second RR.

When we got to work on Alexander things were going fairly well.We got it down to 50% or so and had some MP problems, but Convert was ready again in a minute or two and we continued to work him down.

Around 10% Alex got nasty and combined with low HP started to wipe us. We all managed to die in safe spots and RR with 10 minutes remaining. Unfortunately, the last 4% proved too much.So we lost.

Had Alexander gone with damage TP moves instead of his 1.1k HP healing move 10 times (I counted), we'd have won with time to spare probably.


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