Thursday, April 9, 2009

Massive Fail. & Forum Threads

The best description for this update. Does anything Square added work right?

Phantom Training

You can sign up for Elite Training in Ro'Maeve and Tu'Lia despite there being no Elite Training there (great use for 300 tabs)...why?

I now have a useless fucking key item and 300 less tabs I could have used on other shit. Thanks, Square!

Scholar Nerf/Glitch

Scholar can no longer AoE Enspells. Which makes my prediction here from last week fairly close to correct. I wondered if maybe you can AoE Reraise now, but haven't gotten around to trying and doubt it anyway. I doubt Enlightenment now works how people thought it should either.


Augments are utter garbage. Hey, guys! Let's get more malmage from our Mining Tunicas by putting VIT-2 on them and making them non-muleable (I can make up words too!). Apparently, the expansion ones are the only that won't suck. You can now stick random, mostly negative stats on non-Rare or Ex armors and make them unsellable once a day.

Why the hell would anyone want to do this? Why not add 'Page 6' to Fields of Valor books with the option to zero your gil and make you lose four job levels? That would be equally desirable. Maybe more so because it isn't completely fucking random.

Why show people in Byrnies and Errant Hpl.s in the fucking picture for this pile when neither can be Augmented?

Security Smoken and Mog Satchel

The Security Token is absurd. Let's give SE $10 for a trinket that only dumb people playing on PC have any use for. Recognizing this, we'll bundle it with extra storage that should have been a free part of say a 4th yearly version update. But hey! We get three updates and get nickeled and dimed instead.

And even better, we'll add a greyed out button to the Mog House menu that hadn't changed in years making it fucking annoying.

Kick 'Em While They're Down

Puppetmaster was nerfed. (Maybe Ranger too, there's conflicting reports.)

The Sharpshot frame now does shitty damage on Too Weak monsters. People are saying it sucked elsewhere too (Limbus). Puppetmaster is so rabidly unpopular to start with and people at SE can't help but fuck with it anyway. People would rather watch their mother be raped by a psycho with AIDS than invite a Puppetmaster to do anything. So sure, why wouldn't ranged attacks on Too Weak mobs be a problem in need of "fixing"?


I've also been unable to sell any of my Gobbiebag upgrade item shit. For the answer to the mystery of why nobody is upgrading at all, see the preceding paragraph. Hell, I'm half tempted to go for the fucking upgrade myself at this point.

Beating Your Head Against the Wall

If you thought beating up walls in Campaign was boring as fuck and gave shitty EXP, you were mistaken. Now it is boring as fuck and gives virtually no EXP at all.

Who Put Acid in My Drink?

Am I missing some silver lining here? This update can't really be as mind blowingly bad as it seems can it? Or did I miss something else that's broken or retarded that I should have bitched about too?

I'm happy for RDMs that they can now make Refresh last on themselves for approximately the half-life of Uranium 235. I'm happy for White Mages that they can Enlight and do...something else with Auspice that nobody's been able to figure out yet.

But for everyone else, I really don't see what the point or benefit to this update was at all.

Forum Threads

You know, having read a bunch of forums today looking for all the nonexistant juicy update tidbits I noticed something.

At least half the threads were this:People make threads that have no info about anything and ask if anyone has any info about anything. 30 people reply all saying they have no info about anything and asking if anyone else has info about anything.

Then somebody compares the Security Token to buying gil and somebody else compares that guy to Hitler. And it's all downhill from there. Or uphill. I'm not sure if that really makes the thread better or worse.


  1. The Accession + En-spells failing is a bug that SE is fixing (was just announced)

    Also, adding extra storage means they need to tweak memory even more, which I'm sure is hard with that damn PS2 base (could do lazy load for them I suppose)... and extra storage means they need to add more HDDs to their clusters.. and server grade HDDs doesn't grow on trees. I like the token, and I'm buying one once I get my pay next week.

  2. Re: Campaign fortifications

    I personally like this change even though I will miss the easy XP. The point of campaign is to defeat the campaign monsters... NOT go afk whacking at some wall.

  3. You can take the elite training page and use it in a different zone.

    I bought one in Valkurm (Introduction) and used it in North Gustaberg. My Chocobo Boots now have +1 lightning resist on them.

    It's very rushed. They couldn't have made it a flag or some shit? I have to ride around on a chocobo with my thumb on the D-pad hoping I get lucky?

  4. i did a page 3 elite in rolanberry fields, traded my magna gauntlets and faught a goobue which was 1 shotted by guillotine. got my magna gauntlets back with +12 water resist :/ whoopee. thats 10-12 hours of refresh gone for my BLU. waste of tabs, completely fkn wrong, SE never fails to disappoint.


  5. I also heard BLU got nurfed too--Hystaric Barrage was only doing 300 dmg to mobs it typically did 1.3k to. Had some VERY pissy friends doing quests with me last night D: I'm hoping they'll fix this and PUP's issues, though I didn't hear anything about RNG yet.

  6. A version update of FINAL FANTASY XI was performed at the following time.

    [Date & Time]
    Apr. 9, 2009 at 13:00 (PDT)

    [Affected Services]

    [Important Update Details]
    Following issues have been addressed:

    - An issue causing a decreased amount of damage done by Automaton's range attack has been addressed.

    - An issue causing a decreased amount of damage done by certain blue magic has been addressed.

    - An issue causing the Beastmaster ability "Charm" to be invalid against certain monsters has been addressed.

    - An issue where the effect of the Scholar ability "Accession" did not apply on following white magic has been addressed.

    - An issue has been addressed where during the quest "The Forbidden Path", the event would be canceled by receiving the effect of spell.

    - The following issues that occurred within the Moblin Maze Mongers created by using Maze Voucher 06 have been addressed:
    - After completing the objectives, a message on monsters detecting the player may have appeared.
    - There were times where temporary item could not be obtained.
    - Temporary item "Sachet of Bugs" may have turned into "???".

  7. Well, at least SE isn't totally retarded. The RDM and WHM new stuff is the only thing that doesn't suck about the update overall though.

    The expansion is garbage (like Jess and Starcade have posted on their blogs). I was going to post some pictures of my fun 2.5 hours claiming Orcish Grunts like they're Fafnir, but everyone else already knows about how terrible it is.