Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meritpo! Also, I hate San d'Orians.

I did a bunch of meriting tonight.We killed Mamools at the bird camp and then went to the bottom bird camp eventually.

I got ~80k EXP. Which let me get another Enlightenment merit.Just 60 something K EXP to go to cap it.

On the birds we picked up a WAR/SAM to replace the LS WAR/NIN who had to log off for the night. I'm not a huge fan of WAR personally. It's a solid DD, don't get me wrong. It beats the hell out of DD NIN unless the NIN has Dusk +1, V.belt, and maybe a relic. And WARs using Great Axe do amazing damage up there with SAM, DRG, and all the other 2h DDs. But it's just not...sexy or something.

What does stick out to me though is the WAR/SAM job combo. When Seigan and Hasso were announced I pictured a very flexible "go all out!!!" and then pop Seigan+Third Eye and take little or no damage. Then repeat that on the next mob when the 1 minute cooldown is ready. In practice, Third Eye seems very unreliable, and people don't even play it like that. It's more like pop Hasso, face rape the mob, get face raped back, maybe pop Third Eye without Seigan, get curebombed/die, repeat.

Which is more or less how MNK/WAR works. You throw up Counterstance, keep Berserk up whenever possible, gear yourself so you have good accuracy so your Counters work, auto-attack the mob and hope for the best. Yet MNK/WAR is verboten. You could kind of pull the same thing off as MNK/NIN and only use Utsusemi: Ni (as many people subbing NIN do in merit parties), but actually subbing WAR is crazy apparently.

Having leveled Summoner to 75, I can understand the healer's perspective. The DD who isn't blinking 80% of the damage they'd take away is a pain in the ass. But the WAR/SAM counterargument to that also applies to MNK/WAR. With Double Attack and Berserk shit dies a lot faster. When the MNK tanking is also Countering half the attacks (why don't Counters give TP?) using Counterstance it dies even more quickly. So why is WAR/SAM acceptable but MNK/WAR isn't?

Damn you MNK/WAR haters! You're probably the same people who discriminate against Galka mages.

I Hate San d'Oria.I seriously hate you guys.

But I've had the Ronfaure OP for like two years now, and have the Windy one too, so you guys still suck.


  1. Hhaha I love the war/sam and mnk/war analogy. I think the main thing people assume with war/sam is that people will actually use Seigan + 3eye ie... there's a presumed use of defensive aspects of the job combination.

    mnk/war however has no defensive aspect at all. Its also been assumed that counter doesn't seem to activate very often thus, mnk/war is more of a sponge.

  2. I missed Bastok taking over Sarutabaruta; I was studying in Japan at the time.

    And Bastok hasn't taken it over since. :/

  3. @tacrozar, Counterstance and Guard are really potent. With good acc, you'll counter ~50% of attacks. Which is really not that many on Elegy'd merit mobs.

    @Tal, I think Sandy probably got it from all the people Astral Burning in Korroloka Tunnel. Movalpolos has been controlled on a bunch of servers recently from that.

    I'd be all for getting some Bastokers together and doing the same in Sarutabaruta. The chest key dropping Yagudos in Giddeus might work.

  4. yeah a few people from Deathhouse have been astral burning the hell out of Korroloka tunnel the last 2 weeks, most likely the reason. blame griev for being to lazy to exp in normal parties