Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of Mirrors and Raptors

Archaic Mirror Soloing

I've been soloing on Black Mage the past two days to get my fourth INT merit. (Mission accomplished:76 Base INT as BLM/RDM, Yay!)

Anyway, as I was heading to the West Wamoura Princes camp I stopped along the way to solo the Archaic Mirror. There's two Ebody Puddings in the North half of the tunnel. Killing those there's a clear path to the zone line.After that, there's two VT Scorpions and two True sight Troll Mirror Guards. The two Trolls seem to be a DRK and WAR and are easily zoned. They're NMs technically, so they don't depop but do walk back pretty fast.

A little bit of Bio 2 and a final AM2, and:It seemed to repop pretty quickly being back in under four hours. The Troll Guards depopped after I killed it too.

Hand it in in Whitegate, and get some free IS!Around ~200 or so it seems.

So, if you're a RDM at the bird camp or something and your party disbands or a BLM just heading to the Wamoura island, consider taking out the Archaic Mirror on the way.

I'm not aware of any others that are in similar sort of spots making them easy solo fodder. I'll have to check out Mamook and Arrapago though.

Black Mage (and Puppetmaster?!) Pet EXP at 75!

I've written before about soloing BLM EXP at the top of the Greater Colibri Nyzul Isle camp, but want to mention it again.

This is really an amazing spot to get some easy EXP. It's a little dangerous, but you can prepare for that. So let's get started.

When you arrive, kill the two Mamool's Wyverns up top. Rest. Kill the repops.

At this point, the Mamools will be Wyvernless for ~20 minutes, so Invis-up and go down the hill ahead on the left. You want to get slightly below the first bump on the hill. Here's my attempt at a crude drawing.From this spot you shouldn't get aggro from the top and definitely not from the bottom.

Kill the first Raptor and then wait about 20-30 seconds. Kill the second raptor. Then start resting MP. AM2 will one-shot them as long as it doesn't resist. If you get a resist at any point doing this you'll want to hit your panic macro immediately and get the hell out of there. As they are only Toughs, resist won't happen very often and you can pretty frequently get to Chain #5 depending on how much the Raptors are walked and stand out of range.As for the eventual resist, it's generally a Very Bad Thing.™ You'll have a half-dead Raptor, it's owner, and probably one to three other Mamools coming to pay you a visit. For this reason, you'll want to keep Phalanx, Blink, and a MND-boosted Stoneskin up while you kill. The instant nature of kills makes this less annoying and potentially chain breaking than other BLM soloing that involves multiple nukes and kiting, however.

You'll also want to make an "Oh shit!!!" macro for the inevitability of when you do eventually get resisted and have 5 adds. The key here is just to swap in all the Physical Damage -% gear you have available as well as decent DEF/VIT pieces, use Manafont, and Warp out. Terra's Staff, Jelly Ring, and Sorcerer's Earring are all good starting points. You can also get Goliard Legs from Nyzul Isle and if you have a Defending Ring somehow use that too.

Make sure to put a '/wait 1' between Manafont and Warp as well or it won't fire off properly. You also need to wait for the casting bar to mostly finish or Manafont won't go off and you'll probably be interrupted. There's a delay between a spell going off and being able to use Job Abilities. (This is probably obvious to Scholars, NIN/DNCs, and DNC mains.) Keep in mind there's no need to panic, you'll nearly always get out fine if you had buffs before hand and Manafont Warp at the first sign of massive trouble.Another nice thing about the Pet Solo EXP is that if you plan on heading there and it's taken either by a party or by a solo BLM or PUP, you are right up the hill from Halvung. From Halvung you can go through the tunnel to Wamoura Princes or Escape and be on the Pudding camp side. It's such easy EXP though, why would you want to?

So, if you are soloing on BLM go check it out. Unless you're on Hades, then I might be there and you should go pre-charge some birds with -ga3s or something.

Extra Gay Irvine?

Is it just me, or does the Royal Redingote look like something Irvine from FF8 wore?Uncanny, isn't it? It has this weird sway when you run in it too. Kind of the weird Elvaan F running animation almost.

I'm predicting the reward for the Kupo De'tat (however it's spelled) add-on will be Kuja's G-string. And further predicting a Haste+3% Augment being available for it.Now that's some zazz!


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