Friday, April 10, 2009

An OK Part of the Update, Dynamis - Bubu, and Scholar Merits Done!

The Version Update didn't suck entirely. It turns out Allied Notes Notorious Monsters are actually pretty cool.

I am still open for bets on what Emergency Maintenance #7 will fix though.

Dynamis - Buburimu...ouchies.

It went OK up until the end. Then it was time to find Apocalyptic Beast, pull it to the hill where everyone was at, and kill it.We did end up finding it though with about 8 minutes left. Pulled it...and like a dozen Goblins and a statue or two.

The guy who pulled the whole mess died behind all of us.Somebody managed to get the dragon that patrols the beach to join in the fun as well.

Hilarity ensued afterwards.Get it?


Scholar Merits!

Finally finished them today! I did some Fields of Valor stuff earlier to get 4/5 Enlightenment.Merit partied after Dyn-Bubu a bit.Notice how I used a combination high chain and nice round number e-peen screenshot. #191 was the final. :-P

And afterwards, I capped 5/5!The party was pretty entertaining. Apparently our puller was taking birds from the bottom camp too so we wouldn't run out. And there was a party below that had a guy throwing a hissy fit over it. Saying in /shout they were going to warp and camp on top of us or some nonsense. Meritpo is serious business, folks!

As for what I'll merit next, I'm not sure. I'd like to cap INT and PUP merits. Both will take a buttload of merit points and time to do though. And I think I'm all merited-out for a while.

So, either level another subjob in FoV or do some fishing and make some gil. Maybe both, who knows?


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