Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WHM updates

I wrote in to the Petfoodalpha guys about their last show which was about a number of things including the WHM updates. They read it at the end of this week's show, and mostly seemed to agree with my point.
Hey Petfoodalpha guys and gals,

I've got to disagree about it mattering if SE lets White Mages cure Amnesia which is something you guys (mostly Fusionx) really focused in on. The only things I can think of that actually use Amnesia are Imps and Ladybugs. The former being EXP fodder for a few pre-merit levels. The latter I don't think anyone bothers with other than for farming wings. Neither of which matters. The rest of the changes look pretty awesome for White Mages and the parties they support.

I enjoy the show, keep up the good work!

evilpaul (Hades server)
It's an entertaining show like Limit Break Radio, the other noteworthy FFXI podcast, so give it a listen.

I'll probably have to send them an email this week disagreeing with them about the Security Token and the Mog Satchel. I really dislike both.

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  1. good luck to EBsux even trying to discern her new tasks on whm. she didnt understand her tasks on whm b4, gl to those fools who end up in her pt if you need a cure at low health, or a cure5 at full health.