Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Year of Final Fantasy: FF1 Dawn of Souls (Part II)

Part II: The Upgrade

When we last left our plucky party of Epic Linkshell Light Warriors, they were making their way back to the bottom of the Earth Cave for the third time to do battle with Lich.At the bottom floor at last.This looks innocuous enough.

Let's have Evilbron go poke it."Oh, God!!!"This was actually a really hard fight.

Evilbron could barely keep up with healing as Lich hit pretty hard and used Fira, Blizzara, and Thundera which smacked the crap out of everybody for ~120 a piece. Evilbron sucks, so that's understandable though.In the end the gang pulled through.So with one crystal restored, we're clocking in just under 4 hours.

With the Lich dead, the Fire Crystal is the typical next destination after maybe some shopping and a trip to the Crescent Town.

First, some shopping!And to Pravoka as well. Keffka and Evilbron were both missing half or more of their spells and had no Level 2 magic at all.

After that, to Crescent for a canoe and more magic!Canoe, check!Now for more magic!....I'm seeing a pattern here. More White Magic. More spells Evilbron can't learn. Stocking up on Gold Needles it is!

God Evilbron fails at everything.

Moving along, the gang should now head to the Gulag Volcano and restore the Fire Crystal. But with a Canoe the rest of the world has opened up. So, why fix the world's problems when you can improve yourself instead with class upgrades and a posh airship?

To the Castle of Ordeals!It has a different name in the GBA version, but the gang found it OK just the same.The maze of teleporters is only about three minutes long if you know the way.What the King of Dragons wants a Rat Tail for is kind of a mystery. Is this a rodent's tail or a clipping of a bad kid's haircut? Why would either make any sense?

But I digress.The gang is still making good time.

Now, to the Ice Cave for a FLOATER. Or Levistone in this version....That doesn't look like an Ice Cave. It looks suspiciously like a Volcano. So the gang got lost. Who can blame them though using this as their map?To the real Ice Cave!Finally! Wasted almost half an hour on this.

Now let's walk around a little bit...Yay! The gang can fly...soon.Making good time.

To the desert!And the gang got their wings!

They could now skip the Fire crystal and save the Wind and Water ones, technically. After a trip to Bahumat, of course.And everybody has cool new threads for their adventure!

A quick trip to the first three cities got Verm some new White Magic.Now, there's nothing stopping us from going and restoring the Fire Crystal! Make haste to the volcano!!!The gang is making OK time and ready for their next challenge!

What awaits them in the depths of Mount Gulg? Will Evilbron ever learn Stona? And what's up with this guy?Those questions and more will be answered in Part III!

To Be Continued...

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