Saturday, May 16, 2009

9th Vanadiel Census...Predictions!

There's a preliminary survey for the 9th Vanadiel Census up on It's actually kind of interesting and makes it look like the person who wrote it actually plays FFXI. (There's a question that mentions merc'ing HNM drops, for instance.)

So anyway, I've decided to go look at the 8th Census and see if I can guess what will be different this year. Mostly, because I'm waiting 8 game hours for the Smithing Guild to open.

The first page is Login Distribution. I have no ideas/don't really care how this changed. I bet a lot of people logged into Bahumat and Odin. And I still think Lakshmi server isn't real. On to page 2.

Main Job Level Distribution will look about the same I think. I'm not sure how they calculate or determine your main job though if you have a bunch leveled like many players do. Maat's Cap Acquisition will be higher, obviously. I'm thinking about 8,500 from the 6,575 last year. It's a remarkably un-awesome piece for most jobs, so I'm not planning to ever attempt to get one. I haven't even beaten Maat on NIN or MNK yet. On to page 3.

Main Job Distribution I'm going to go out on a limb and say the percentages for Samurai and Scholar have doubled or tripled from 1% to 3%. I see lots of people leveling those jobs, they're kind of the bandwagon melee and mage jobs at the moment.

I'll also predict the 9th Census text mentions something about the WHM and RDM changes having had some impact on a tiny change in those job's popularity despite how unlikely that is to be true.

Main/Support Job Rankings are probably going to have WHM/SCH showing up. It's taken quite a while, but /SCH is really picking up in popularity. Onward to page 4.

Racial Distribution much like real life I don't care what race people are. Unless you're a Galka. Fuck those guys. (I'm kidding. :-p) To page 5 with much haste!

Face Type Distribution the Shantotto tarutaru face is much cuter than the one most people pick. Screw most people. To page 6!

Linkshells the average number of people in them hasn't changed much/at all since I've been playing, so I think it'll stay about the same. What lies in wait on page 7?!

Goods Most Placed On Auction these are unsurprising if you know what major quests and/or crafts are located in which cities. Moat Carp in San d'Oria?! You sunk my battleship!

In Jeuno I think we'll see some changes. Bahuts are no longer the storage solution and will be back down to not listed. I think Crab Sushi and/or Marinara Pizza may make an appearance on the list as well as they are both new, popular foods.

Relic Acquisition (4th stage and final stage) there will be more than last year. Mostly Great Katanas, Scythes, Guns, Shields and Horns like last year.

They'll probably also include Mythics and we'll be shocked to find out there's a bunch nobody on BG even knows about. To page 8!

Synthesis Skills the general trend of Veteran percentages going up a bit will continue. More Craftsmen too. I've gotten to 60 in a bunch to help that this past year.

Is this over yet? Find out on page 9!

Chocobo Raising they're mostly yellow, and there are people still doing it?! Shocking! 10, go!

Home Point Area Ranking well, we'll see Bastok Mines as quite popular due to the move of the OP dude and the RMT gardener craze. North Sandy may go up as well. Other than that it'll be basically the same.

Page 11 is all about where people are in the expansion missions. More people will be finished CoP and ToAU than last year obviously. I don't see much changing in Assault rankings though. If you're serious about finishing to First Lieutenant you probably did already.

On Page 12 they cover GM calls and the STFU. Since both are basically useless, I don't really care about either.

Lucky page #13 is the end! Yay!

Now to go synth up some Gorgets.

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