Monday, May 18, 2009

Dynamis-Xarcabard, Smithing, and Salvage!

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Was quite lame.I arrived a bit late, but we were still at the beginning more or less. On the hill where you kill the three eyes and their demon spawns one at a time we had a bit of a problem. A certain BLM cast Thunder IV on the next eyeball too early. And our resident Maat's Cap guy/lootwhore/idiot aggro'd other shit. (He was probably busy telling everyone how the Condemnation TP move works and how you shouldn't face the demons at mages for the 34th time in the last 5 minutes and didn't notice where he was standing or something.) And both decided to blame it on me rather than 'fess up. At least Astral Flow went off to fuck up everyone.

It would have been pretty awesome if I had aggro'd though. I could as MNK/NIN in Haste/Acc/Att gear do shit that THF/NINs can't with Perfect Dodge and magic damage reduction gear. Piss off one eyeball, one statue and five demons and not get so much as a fucking scratch. That's some hot shit right there.

Anyway, I'm not going to make a whole post about Hamichin being retarded. Moving along...


I finally decided to grind out a few more levels of Smithing. And I got from 45.something to 50.2!I mostly made Gorgets. I NPC'd about 2/3rds of them and have the rest muled to sell on the AH to people getting Sea WS gorgets.I turned in a Mythril Pick and am uncapped until my final goal of 60 Smithing. I'll mine on Mount Z to get mats for Steel Ingot synths.

My overall plan looks like this:
34 - Plain Caps
36 - Steel Sheets
40 - Steel Scales
44 - Mythril Bolt Heads
47-48 (53 cap) - Gorget
51 - Steel Finger Gauntlets
54 - Steel Ingot
56 - Steel greaves
60 (66 cap) - Nodowa
I'll just switch over to Steel Ingots a level earlier than previously intended. Those are practically pure profit, and I will hopefully get lucky and be posting about how I got 8 Khroma Ores in two hours mining. Or more likely post bitching about all the POS hacking RMT.

Whatever happens it will involve pickaxes.


I did some more Salvage with my LS subgroup static. Another Arrapago Remnants run. Morrigan's Legs, Are's Legs, and Marduk Feet 15s dropped towards the end from Archaic Gears. We were only 6/7 members, and ended up timing out on Floor 6.

I think we need to speed up our first floor. We spent close to half the time down there and I don't think we needed all the weapons and whatever other thing we got from it (waist/back?) was.I'd also really kind of like two things.

First, somebody to do some Assault missions with. I don't do that whole /shout in Whitegate for hours thing.

Seriously, fuck that.

I spent about three hours today watching /shouts for some Assault of some kind while surfing these here intarwebz and listening to podcasts. Every single shout for Assaults was for Nyzul Isle. I've cleared floor 100 already and other than mediocre WS don't have much to show for it. Goliard Hands, Body, and Feet would be cool to have for Scholar, but not that great really.

If I'm going to do Salvage I kind of need to be getting up in rank and getting some Assault Points for a Remnants Permit.

Second, Arrapago Remnants is kind of the perfect storm of a place that drops absolutely nothing I want.

The boss, which I've never seen, drops the 25 piece for Usukane hands. Usukane head, hands, and feet are all pretty awesome, but the other two are better, and we haven't made it to the boss yet anyway. So, assuming we do get there and kill the boss, and the 25 hands drop...I don't know if the others are going to lot the stupid things.

The only other Usukane in the zone is the 35 leg piece. 35 pieces are rare as fuck apparently and people go 1/358 on them routinely. Which makes it a very rare drop for a piece I would not consider using on Monk unless I already had every other drop and the millions of gil to upgrade them from the Usukane set. Usu legs are pretty nice for PUP, but I only go PUP to stuff I'm doing by myself once in a while. There's no "EP, can you come PUP to whatever we're doing, please?"

I'm going to stick to Usukane only as far as lotting goes, shouting for hours to get AP and spend them all over and over on a zone that doesn't drop anything really isn't very appealing.

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