Friday, May 8, 2009

JP Button Q's & My A's

My answers to Elmerthepointy's Q's from JP people over at JP Button.
1. Do foreign players have a lot of interest in joining social Japanese Linkshells? (Especially ones with only JP members) I ask because when I recruit for my shell in Japanese, I get a lot of tells from foreigners looking to join. Personally, I feel like even if they could understand my /shout, it still would be hard to keep up with regular conversation. They wouldn’t understand pop-culture references to old TV shows, for instance.
I don't speak a word of Japanese. So I wouldn't really want to join a LS where everyone's mostly/only speaking Japanese because I wouldn't understand what anyone was saying.
2. Parties that cycle in replacement members seem to be popular amongst foreigners, but a lot of times the party will just disband once the replacement arrives. Of course, there are times when the replacement is contacted before they get all the way there, but there are many instances when no one says anything. There are also many cases where inappropriate jobs are invited and the party can no longer function well.

To me, this is a big reason behind some of the negative images Japanese players have about foreign players. What do you think about this?
Both these things have happened to me before. I'm generally hesitant to head out to Nyzul Isle birds or whereever to meet people unless I know the person sending the /tell because of it.

I'd also rather join a party with people I know and just disband after an hour or three and getting some merits.
Why does it seem like many foreign players don’t bother to bring medicines and potions to Missions and BCs? Many Japanese players make sure to have Vile Elixirs, Hi-Potions and/or Reraise Earrings.
Well, I'm cheap. But when I'm doing missions for the first time I'll bring appropriate meds.

If I get duped into helping with CoP or something I'll let whoever needs the thing buy their own stuff, none of it is Rare/Ex anymore.
4. Sometimes I see foreign pick-up parties recruiting for members using Auto-Translate, but then when I join the party, all the conversation and battle planning is in English. I’ll ask for them to {Please use the Auto-Translate function.} but nobody ever does. If you are going to /shout for help with the Auto-Translator, why not use it in the party? It feels like I was tricked.
I've never seen this happen personally. I mostly join parties with people I know though or solo on BLM or SCH.
5. How many NA and EU players do Campaign? Any thoughts about the recent nerf to Fortifications?
I do Campaign semi-regularly. I leveled several jobs mostly in it. One pre-/BRD nerf. One pre-Fortifications nerf.

I won't waste time with Fortifications at all now. I've been doing Campaign a lot less since the nerf as well just because it's harder to get OK rewards from it. After arriving, running to get tags, and having battles end for the 10th time before I get to kill anything it gets pretty lame.
What equipment do you think has great stats but horrible looks?
What equipment do you think has the best graphics?
I think the Igqira set looks pretty cool. Scholar relic does too.
7. Outside of your normal party gear, is there any equipment that you go out of your way to get strictly for looks? What are your favorite pieces of casual equipment?
Nope. I think it's why I have more jobs and crafts leveled than many people and don't complain about storage (pre-Mog Satchel BS) anywhere near as much.
8. I’m a Mithra, and I find that a lot of foreigners seem to be into Mithra fashion. They examine me and ask where I got my equipment and such. Do you think male players enjoy dressing up their Mithra in cute outfits?
I'm going to say "Yes, probably." and would probably go with a word more pervy than "cute."
9. I wonder if you calculate the XP/hr of parties, and if so, do you think that Skillchain/Magic Burst or Weaponskill spam produces the best results? Before parsing became widespread, Japanese players used to think Skillchain/Magic Burst was the best.
Unless the melee burns didn't have any Bards or Corsairs I'm not sure how you could confuse traditional SC+MB parties as being superior. The numbers aren't close in any Aht Urhgan areas compared to Lufaise Meadows, Sky (Aura Statues) or wherever.
10. How come it seems like so many people don’t utilize Search Comments properly? Why don’t they write their camp location for others to see? Also, it’s strange to see so many people seeking without basic information written like available jobs and where they can access. Don’t you want an invite?
I hate when people use the colored dots for something that they aren't meant for so my /search looking for Bazaar'd goods brings up 30 people's Dynamis lot comments and two guys letting the world know they want "Goliard."

When I try to get a party I put that I have 6/6 Runic Portals and whatnot. Of course I don't seek as a DD that can equip an Ace's Helm (or Great Axe WAR), so I tend to stand around a while anyway.
11. If you know you are going to be busy, how come you don’t alert people at the beginning of the party instead of surprising everyone at the last minute?
I mostly party with people I know and won't LFP unless I have several hours to spend meriting. So this doesn't apply to me.
12. Honestly, the largest difference in thinking between Japanse and foreign players exists in the Merit party.
You often say 5 DDs and a RDM is so good, but having a single, solitary healer is hard on the RDM.
Japanese realize that healers can be in short supply, so we make sacrifices to lighten their burden, like subbing a mage job, or using Utsusemi.
I feel like many people don’t show proper respect to healers.

When we say JP ONLY, it isn’t always an issue of language, but the fact that we feel there are other dangers and demerits associated with a non-JP party, stemming from our different play-styles, that we wish to avoid.

This key difference in thinking, more than any race or language issue, is what really sets us apart as players. They are just looking to sit back, relax and earn some decent XP.
I wouldn't be caught dead in a merit party that doesn't have at least one, preferably two, Bards (or BRD+COR). In other words, there's going to be more than just a RDM with Cure spells present. And the RDM is going to have some other MP refilling buff in addition to Refresh.

The 5 DD parties I've been in were pretty mediocre EXP/hr and I usually ended up tanking more than 1/5th the time which is pretty annoying with less than 50% Haste to hit the recast reduction on Utsusemi.

I'd also like to get to go MNK/WAR sometime, but outside leveling a second account WHM or RDM character that seems unlikely to happen. Plus I'm cheap and like Tonko/Monomi. :-P
What type of sushi do you like best?
Pretty much anything except eel. It had an odd bitter taste I didn't care for. I'm also not that big a fan of salmon as it has a more chewy texture. (Smoke salmon tastes awesome enough I'll ignore the texture thing though.)

I liked spicy tuna rolls I had a while back. I think they had a cayenne or wasabi mayonaise in them? And I don't remember what exactly it was, but a "dragon roll" was pretty good too. Unfortunately, I'm poor and sushi is pretty expensive so I don't get to eat it very often.

And those are my answers to the JP Button questions. ^^

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