Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Melee Rings

I've been saving up gil for a while now (since the update, more or less) for a shiny, new Accuracy+7 ring. There's two obvious candidates. Sniper's Ring +1 and Toreador's Ring.

There's other possible rings for melee, of course. The Imperial Ring is great in the places it works. There's Ulthama's with 4 Acc/Att. There's the Acc+3 one from Einherjar with VIT/AGI/DEX+3 on it too which makes it Acc+4~5 depending on your DEX. The Divisor Ring would probably be one of my rings of choice if I could get one with 6 Acc and 3 Att. But those are all hard to come by, so I'm stuck with the AH alternatives.

Based soley on stats, the Toreador's is better.
Toreador's Ring
[Finger] All Races
DEF:1 HP+10 Accuracy+7
LV 57 All Jobs
Sniper's Ring +1
{Dark Resist}-25 Accuracy+7 Ranged Accuracy+7 DEF-12
LV 40 All Jobs
DEF+13, HP+10 and no pesky Dark resistance -25. But it's also only equippable 17 levels later. There's no Racc+7, but Bacc+7 isn't anything to write home about for the jobs that would want it in the Ring slots.

Toreador's were also cheaper until recently. 2.5-2.7 million gil instead of 3 million. Some dumbass bought a Toreador's for 3mil though instead of letting it be de-listed for a third time, so it'll probably be a while before I can get one for 2.7 million again.

So what does everyone think? Which is the ultimate in melee rings?


  1. Sniper's Ring +1. Dual RA and ACC would be better than straight ACC if you're doing RNG... but that's my opinion.

    If you're doing any other job with the rings probably the first choice because of the defects in the Sniper's Ring.

  2. Mars's of course :D


    Toreadors ftw