Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Mount Bullets"?

I've been up on Mount Z. doing some mining in furtherance of my Smithing skill up plans. Which is going quite slowly, actually. I've gotten .2 skill in my two trips there the past two days.

As far as gil from doing it goes, it's going quite well. I got one Khroma Ore and ~100k worth of other crap. Looking at the list of possible items you can dig up and what you can synth from the stuff for profit, it's...mostly bullets.

Hence my super-creative title.

So, I thought I'd share a little of bit of info on how you too can break many a pickaxe hoping to see some Khroma Ores too.

There's a few things to consider. The first, is not getting eaten.Sneak/Invis!

If you spend any amount of time in an area of the game with aggro, and don't have the means/desire to solo and kill a swath through where you're going, you're going to need to be able to Sneak and Invisible yourself. And with how much aggro there is on a mining circuit in Mount Z oils/powders aren't going to cut it.

This makes WHM, RDM, or SCH very nice to have as a main or subjob as they get the no recurring gil cost spells. But there's magic aggro at several mining points worth hitting, so you'll need to be a master of Metal Gear, love burning gil on oils/powders or come as NIN main or /NIN for Tonko.

It's also good to have an easy escape route. You'll definitely aggro something eventually. If you can't kill it (and there's VTs where you'll be mining) the mob will be glad to demonstrate its killing skills on you.

If you have the option available, I find NIN/SCH works really well. Aggro something? Sleep it and log out. Can't sleep it? Blink tank it to a nearby Halvung zoneline, Mijin Gakure, or wait for Sleep to be up and try again. SCH/NIN probably would too, but you can't Mijin Gakure if you don't realize there's Besieged soon and aggro say, Garhorlur the Brutal and his two brothers.

RDM/NIN, WHM/NIN, etc all would be pretty decent mining job combos.

Next, you're going to spend a large portion of your time walking around looking for a mining point, so you may as well do that as quickly as possible.


If you're a THF main or sub THF for some reason you could Flee once in a while. Not really worth it in my opinion though. I prefer something that works most/all of the time.

Herald's Gaiters/Hermes' Sandals are two ridiculously expensive and pretty expensive options (unless you get them free from your HNMLS or something). A more accessible one which works a lot of the time is Desert Boots. There's frequent earth weather on Mount Z, and you'll get +12% movement with it. If you're a SCH main, you can of course use them full-time with Sandstorm.

There's other Job specific ones like NIN AF feet at night, Skadi feet, Trotter boots, W.legs, etc that you probably know about if you have a job that can use them available.

Regardless of your job, you can use Sprinter's Shoes and then switch to something else.

Bard main (or sub) can provide you with Mazurka which is a nice boost as well.

There's really so many options available that you should be able to use at least one.


You should also be aware of what mobs aggro and under what conditions. The short list is that pretty much everything except the leeches and apkallu will try to kill you if its aware of your presence.

Lesser known specifics are that Wamouras (the moth monsters) aggro true sound up close and to magic from quite a distance away. You probably won't be able to outrun one either as they move rather quickly.

Erucas (fire crawlers) will have 100%+ TP from a Regain effect they get during Fire weather and may one-shot you with Incinerate. (Which I personally find quite amuing.) They also seem to aggro from quite far away during earth weather. And they're diurnal unlike most other creatures in Vanadiel which don't care what time of day it is.

The rest of the mobs are fairly standard.

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Things you'll want to bring include the obvious: Pickaxes. You can't mine without them and they break a LOT.

Mining armor gear will save you gil over time with fewer broken pickaxes. (The HQ's effect is the same as the NQ.)

Reraise isn't a bad idea either. Mount Z is a dangerous area, losing less EXP if you die is always a good thing.

Sanction Refresh will keep your mage job/sub with plenty of MP for Sneak/Invis.

And if you plan to mine on Mount Z, you'll definitely need to get a Cast metal plate.


And that about raps it up! Happy Khroma Ore digging!

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