Thursday, May 28, 2009

RPGCast 85 - Nerd Rage Edition

The new RPGCast is out. It's entertaining like always, and they had a reader feedback topic last time of "Most Disappointing RPG." A controversial topic to be sure. And one they discussed in the podcast.

As I'm sure many people are already aware, I harbor a certain level of...hatred for FF8. So, when somebody rips on FF9 which I think was pretty decent, if a little ridiculous like the rest of the FF games really, I must respond. ;-)

They also talked about Chrono Cross and mentioned FF8 a few minutes later. So, what follows is my slightly over the top (and tongue in cheek) reply to their discussion.
Firemyst, Chrono Cross is a most disappointing RPG? Did you play it? It was pretty awesome for its time until the last two hours or so when it had the wall-o-text exposition thing Xenogears had. People were all "OMG FF13 IS SO AWESOME!!!" when it completely stole Chrono Cross' encounter system.

The 'tards on didn't even have the background to realize it on their embarrassing narrated playthrough. Including their Bonk-skulled editor who wrote a Chrono Cross strategy guide.

Chris, choke yourself with my hand! How anyone could play FF8 after playing FF7 and then point to FF9 as disappointing because it wasn't as awesome as FF6 makes me hope for another Great Flood so all the unbelievers may once again be kept by the Sea.

Victor, you are Evilpaul-approved for crapping all over FF8 as complete and total epic failure and for bringing to point how stupid the imbeciles who like FF8 are. It was feculent garbage in every way, but showed us how some people have a taste for such wretched detritous.

As I continue listening, I shall drink deeply, and tell people how they are wrong more as I progress further through the podcast. Peace be with you. :devil:
The part being mentioned is about 25 minutes into it.

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